Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pray for my Kitchen!

Oh Humble Readers... I can't decide if I should be worried or proud.

Currently, my Beloved is in the kitchen. 

He's attempting to change the kitchen faucet himself.  He bought the new faucet this morning.  I can't believe how expensive faucets are, and he got one at the bottom end ($150).  Yikes! 

He spent more than two hours trying to get the old faucet off.  Apparently there were some seriously stripped screws.  Now he's trying to put the new one on.  I'm staying out of his way. 

No matter what, I love him for trying!


  1. Good luck to your husband and your faucet!

  2. Take pictures!!! How sweet of him!

  3. I take it he isn't a fix it guy. Well kudos to him for trying!


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