Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Found It...

... but there's a problem.

And I am hoping, Humble Readers, that one of you will be able to help me out. 

After what has felt like weeks of searching for the crib bedding that I want (light green, in polka dots, stripes or solid), I have found a set that I really like.  AND it's a reasonable price! 

image courtesy of diapers.com
The problem is, I can't find a single company that will ship it to Canada.  It's very aggravating.

So, I'm wondering... would any of my bloggy friends south of the 49th parallel be willing to let me use their address, and then ship it to me?  Obviously, I will cover all costs for shipping.  I just need someone to be my go-between. 

Drop me an email or leave me comment with yours... and know that the Halfling & I will heart you forever and ever and ever!


  1. you can always have it shipped to me.

  2. I'm available too! But I live in Houston, which is about as far from Canada as you can get in the US.

    Cute bedding! We have yet to get any bedding, but I do have some ideas.

  3. I'd love to help out.


  4. If you still need someone, I'm happy to help.


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