Sunday, August 29, 2010

Randomness & August Q & A: Part the Second

Good Morning Humble Readers...

I hope you are all having a good weekend.  I'm off today and tomorrow so we have much on our to-do list.  Stove shopping, grocery shopping, dog-sitting (Sunny is with us again for a couple of days), and nursery stuff... like I said, much to do.

So, earlier in the week I said I was going to answer questions on Friday... well, we all saw where my week ended up, so I'm a couple of days late. 

Wiseguy asked a couple of great questions: 1. What is that one dish you wish you could make better than you are already making?  There are lots of things that I don't make well... cream sauces (always end up lumpy), baking (mostly too exact for me), seafood (I'm getting better, but still overcook shellfish often).  I'm intimidated by making asian-style food (I really want to learn to make Thai food), but I really want to improve. 

2. What is your least favourite book (till date)? Oh that's hard.  There aren't many that I don't like.  I do remember hating "Animal Farm" when I was in middle school.  Most recently, I would have to say "The Passage" by Cronin... so many people were raving about it, so I tried to read it.  I got about 100 pages in and I just got fed up.  It could have been the vampire thing (I'm vampired out!), but I think it was just too slow getting started for me. 

JRS asked: are there any helpful books/website you are reading to help you care for the baby when he/she comes?  Honestly, I haven't started reading about what to do when the Halfling actually arrives.  I picked up the Dr. Sears baby book, and I'm planning on starting to read it once I'm on mat leave.  I have done some online reading about breastfeeding, and specifically about the challenges for plus-sized women and bf-ing.  I really like  Other than that, I've been focussing on reading about labour and delivery. 

Something big in this hobbit's world... I discovered yesterday that Jean Auel, author of the Earth's Children series is FINALLY going to be publishing the sixth and final book in the series.  I have to wait until the end of March, but hey, I've waited for 8 years already... what's a few more months?  I'm glad I started rereading the series earlier this year. 

I have added a poll to my side bar... :)
A few shout outs to some bloggy friends... Ms. Dreamer sent me this link when I was feeling down a couple of days ago .  I love love LOVE these posters, and have told my Beloved that he can get me the "Shire" one for my birthday next month.

And Minta over at Life, Family, and the Pursuit of Sanity has welcomed Little G into the world!  The last couple of weeks have been rough for her, being on modified bedrest due to PIH, but now all is well!


  1. Glad I could make your day a bit better, lovely. :)

  2. Do you like Chinese food? I have some awesome and relatively fool proof recipes. I have a small package I MUST get into the mail for you. If you would like the recipes, I can either print them out or email them to you.

    Glad Ms. Dreamer gave you a lift when it was needed.

  3. Loved your answers...

    And yes, I added my vote to the poll. Two cents say you want to know what I clicked on, right?

    My least favourite books were The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and Lord of the Flies. 'God of Small Things' is a bore too.

    I was disappointed with The Alchemist because of the huge rave surrounding it, and I found it pretty boring.

  4. I love the Earth's Children books - I've been reading them all my life (because that's how long they've taken to come out!) and I'm super excited to hear there's another one due soon. Jean Auel is a lot like me...


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