Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wonderful Dr. U

Good morning, Humble Readers!

Well, I just got back from my OB appointment. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my OB?  He never makes me feel like I'm taking up too much of his time, he knows I'm a nervous pregnant woman and he does everything he can to put me at ease.  The fact that he's got a really cool South African accent doesn't hurt either. 

Again, it wasn't a typical prenatal appointment.  No blood pressure, no weigh-in, no peeing in a cup.  Dr. U wants me to get my regular prenatal care with my PCP, Dr.B, at least for now.  Dr. U will oversee the extra stuff. 

So, the extras... I'm going to have the nuchal translucency screening.  To get it done, though, I have to go to Edmonton, to the big fancy-schmancy hospital with the women's care center.  Dr. U has also recommended some form of genetic screening.  I expressed my concern about amnio and cvi, and the potential for m/c, so he's fine with starting with a blood chemistry work up.  If there are any concerns raised from that testing or the nuchal fold screen, then we will discuss futher tests.  I am to be expecting a phone call from the hospital in Edmonton in the next couple of days to set up the screening.   And I am continue taking the prometrium and to go back to see Dr. U in a month.

We also talked about the big GD.  Because of my pre-pregnancy weight issuses, I know I am at much higher risk for gestational diabetes, and potentially type 2 diabetes.  I am to go for two GD tests, one at 20 weeks and another at 28 weeks.  I am to closely monitor my weight gain (like I'm not obsessed about it already) and I am going to work hard on increasing my fiber intake, while trying to cut back on fats and sugars. 

But the best part of the appointment today... we got to see another quick peak of the Halfling.  S/he was floating and waving his/her arms and legs around!  Woohoo!


  1. Oh wow, another look at halfling, how exciting! Glad it is going well.

  2. take care of yourself mama!

  3. Hurrah for the u/s!!!
    Seeing the baby bean wave an arm(at 9 weeks) was when I started to relax a bit. Take a camera to your nuchal.

  4. Hi just found your blog. I am now 9 weeks 4 days pregnant after ivf. I also am getting the same testing done the day before I hit 12wks. So excited to keep reading your blog!

  5. Yeah so awesome that everything is moving right along girl. So exciting! xoxoxo

  6. Thank you for your sweet sticky and swimmy vibes :) And so glad your appt went good...I love reading success stories!


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