Monday, March 1, 2010

Sock It To Me!

Good Afternoon Humble Readers!

So guess what arrived in the mail today? 

The super-cool-crazy-awesome-smurftastic Nancy of TheNewLifeOfNancy was my sock buddy and she went above and beyond!  Three pairs of socks, all of which completely rock!

The first is the pair I am wearing right now... the ultimate in stripey socks!  Purple, over-the-knee, and completely cool!

The second pair are some really groovy knee-high argyles.  Purple, green, blue grey, brown, white and black... I'm going to wear them to work tomorrow. 

Nancy sent me an email last week letting me know that she was late but that my socks were on their way, and that they were some 'bad-ass socks'.  I wasn't sure what she meant but I totally get it now!  The third pair are the perfect rebellious socks! Black and white checks, with skulls and cross bones!

The theme for this round of SITM is the support we get in this community.  I can't begin to imagine how I would have gotten through this past year without the ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) community.  From the laughs, giggles, and rolling-on-the-floor-can't-breathe funny moments, to the words of encouragement and virtual hugs that come at just the right time, and the helping hands that pick me up when I fall, every day I am thankful that I was introduced to this 'place'. 

My Beloved asked me today why I was so excited about getting socks from someone I've never met... and I told him, that's just the point.  I have never met any of my IF sisters (and a few brothers) out there face to face, but I value your thoughts, words, and stories.  I see these socks as one of the few tangible expressions of our support that we have of each other.  And I will cherish these socks... and wear them every chance I get! 

Thanks Nancy!


  1. Incredibly cool, awesome socks...definitely bad-ass.

  2. Super cool! I covet the Argyle pair! :)

  3. Ohhh Nancy did a great job! I love the skull ones. too cool!

  4. The skulls are SO NANCY! Hope you think of her each time you wear them!

  5. Awe, awesome!! Totally bad-ass! :)

  6. love the skull and crossbone socks! too much fun!

  7. I didn't want you to think I have forgotten about blogging about my beautiful socks. I have had a rough couple days and have been admitted to Stanford. As soon as I am released I will take pics and get my blog entry up. Thanks again so much! You rock!

  8. Happy SITM! love the argyle ones.

  9. Those are certainly Nancy-like socks. I love the skull and crossbones!


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