Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blame It On The Olympics... Again

Okay, Humble Readers... I'm mildly irritated.  Maybe a little more than mildly...

The Canadian government, in its infinite wisdom, announced yesterday in the Throne Speech (similar to the State of the Union Address) that on Parlaiment's agenda this year is going to be a debate about the gender-inclusivity of 'O Canada'.  Specifically the line, 'in all thy sons command'

Really?!?!  This is what our government deems important enough to address from the throne? 

I may be opening myself up for attack here, but I will admit that I don't consider myself much of a feminist.  Yes, I believe in equal pay for equal work (but that isn't just a gender issue), and that all people deserve to be treated with equity, with the same respect and care.  And I see how language plays a role in those perceptions. 

But come on...

I think, if our government was so concerned about social equity they would spend time and energy rectifying the lack of support in our country for single mothers and the lack of funding for child care.  They could address the fact that 43% of adults in Canada are functionally illiterate.  What about the ever present health care and unemployment issues?  Heck, they might even look at the whole adoption and foster care system, and how it should be streamlined and improved.

In this day and age, I have bigger things to get knickers in a twist about... Stressing out about the language in our national anthem that was written at the beginning of the last century is not on the top of my worry list. 

And why did this whole situation start in the first place?  Because we heard the anthem so often at the Olympics and the Honourable Mr. Stephen Harper latched onto it as a pet project.  Or maybe a distraction tactic?


  1. Right on! It really is ashame when administrations don't see further than what's "in front of them".

  2. Oh goodness. It's amazing how ridiculous politicians can be, in any country. *eye roll*

  3. If they touch a word of the most beautiful national anthem in the world I will boycott Canadian exports. Except for syrup. And beer. And hockey. And this blog.


  4. I know!! It's so pointless. We've got bigger issues to deal with!!!

  5. So ridiculous. I know someone whose kid goes to a school that has already done this and they sing, "in all of our command". Lame-o.

    Why not use the original lyrics and use it as a teaching device about why it was "our sons"? Oh, no, wait - let's just rewrite history. I'll get the time machine.

  6. I hadn't heard about that yet. But how f*ing ridiculous is that? As if I give a shit if it's "sexist"! I like the national anthem the way it is. Maybe they should hold a referendum on changing it!

  7. I'm back to let you know, I tagged you and have an award on my blog for you.. however, you may have it already. ;)

  8. Politicians...gah! Well, anything to keep them from working on any REAL problems I guess. I'd vote for you to go off and get things done Mrs. G.

    BTW-In the opening ceremony when they talked about the plains and that the really cool bit with the kid on the wire flying and dancing over the wheat field I thought of you. Was my mind in the right place?

  9. Politicians do get these litt little pet projects, don't they. Absolutely ridiculous. I agree with you! I had no idea the literacy rates were so low. That's something that would be worthy of funding.

  10. sorry about the typo!! sooo annoying

  11. It's amazing to me how they prioritize. I don't know how they do it? What is their criteria? Politicians every where seem to focus on things that really are meaningless in the grand scheme of things when so many important things are crumbling. I don't get it but then I'm not one who would have been offended that the lyrics were "male specific". *shrug*


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