Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Show & Tell: My Tummy Still Hurts From Laughing

Good Morning Humble Readers! 

Last night's adventure was sooooooooooo much fun! 

We got to the theater early so that we would be sure to get our tickets.  Then we decided to wait around a bit to see if we could see some of the others from my work.  We saw J and her friend M, but after waiting for what seemed like a long time, we finally decided to go find our seats...

And oh what seats!  Third row, just off center!  It was great! 

McLean started off the evening with a hilarious new Dave & Morley story, involving Dave wanting to try out his neighbour's uber-expensive bike.  It was so funny that I was crying.  And because I had never seen him tell his stories before, I was especially amused by the fact that he sort of acts them out. 

He had some great musicians with him.  The bassist and the pianist were really talented, but I forget who they are.  The Good Lovelies are nominated for a Juno (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) for best roots album.  They were fun and had a great bluegrass sort of sound.  I really enjoyed their music.

McLean went on to tell one of my favourite stories.  The one where Dave decides that he's going to move an outlet in the kitchen.  But of course Dave doesn't know anything about electrical work or home renos.  It ends up involving 8 neighbourhood men, their powertools, and fifteen holes in the wall before they finally overload the circuits and the house goes dark.  And that's when Morley comes home from work.  Of course I am not trying to do it justice.  You need to hear him tell it, or read it in one of his books. 

Just before the intermission, McLean invited a young kid on stage to help him give away a bunch of free cds.  Their interaction was great!  And the kid was totally brave!

After the intermission, we were treated to a collection of reminisences of McLean's childhood, growing up in Montreal, the son of two Australian transplants, and how he got into radio.  Very sweet and funny.

And after some more music, we got to another new Dave and Morley story.  Dave agrees to watch all the neighbourhood dogs over spring break.  Now, Dave has an interesting history with his dog, and with his neighbours... and when you combine the two you know that chaos is sure to follow. 

We had such a good time!  I wanted to leave you with a clip of one of his stories, and this was the shortest one I could find that was still a complete story.  I hope you enjoy it.
Now, don't forget to swing by the marvelous Mel's place and check out what the rest of the class is showing. 


  1. It sounds like y'all had a fabulous time and that clip was a hoot.

  2. I agree w/ Kristin! Looks like you had a great time, and tooo funny this guy!

  3. Hiliarious! My son wanted you to know that he thought it was funny too. Maybe now he'll eat his vegetables.

    It sounds like you had a great time!

  4. So glad you had an awesome time :)

  5. Nice - he got through the whole story without actually mentioning a bodily function! That's some talent with words!

  6. Isn't it great to laugh as hard as you did ? :)


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