Friday, January 1, 2010

To Do's for 2010

Happy New Year Humble Readers!

And happy 200th post to me! (I can't think of a more appropriate day to celebrate it.) I guess I've rambled a lot in the last year. I am so incredibly thankful for this space and this community. It has given me a vent for my stresses and support through what has become a longer journey than I ever expected. It has also brought me wonderful friends. Thank you so much, all of you.

2009 is over, and while in many ways it was a good year, I have been looking forward to this fresh start. It's a time to let the past go, and to look ahead.

This hobbit has a confession... I have never been good at resolutions. My mom was good at them. She woke up one morning and decided that after 20 years, she was done with smoking. And she was. She decided to lose weight, and in a year she lost all she needed to, and had maintained it long enough to get a gig as a Wei.ght Wa.tchers meeting leader. She's got mega will-power.

But I am not my mother.

What I am good at is lists. I have always been a list person. I love that little rush and wave of accomplishment that I feel as I cross something off my list. So, this year I have decided to not resolve anything. Instead, I'm writing myself a 'to do' list. That way, maybe I will accomplish what I set out to do.
  1. Turn off the TV - spend less time in front of the idiot box.
  2. Read 75 books - down from my prediction for 2009, but up from my actual reading total
  3. Focus on small weight loss goals - 5 pounds at a time and celebrate each victory
  4. Make the bed more days than not - make Mom proud
  5. Create & keep a managable housekeeping schedule - take better care of the hobbit-hole
  6. See all the Oscar nominated films before Oscar night - must make sure to request that night off
  7. Write more! - for at least 10 minutes a day, blog, character sketches, writing excersises, anything
  8. Become more active - again, at least 10 minutes a day.
  9. Eat better - not even so much for weight loss, but to keep my IBS in check
  10. Learn to cook Thai food - just because
  11. Make sure that my Beloved knows how much I love, cherish, and respect him - Everyday
  12. Finish decorating in the living room - bare walls are annoying
  13. Set up and regularly utilize a home filing system - no more stacks of paper!
  14. Get back to menu planning - I used to do this every week, and I need to do it again
  15. Make the spare room practical - organize, clean, and no more waiting for a baby!
  16. Paint the bathroom - I'm sick of lime green (it came that way... ugh!)
  17. Put up new curtains/blinds - I hate the white horizontal ones we have
  18. Do something, anything with our photos - photobook, scrapbook, whatever
  19. Get pregnant, stay pregnant, have a baby - in my dreams
  20. Be less hard on myself.
  21. Enjoy Life!

Ok, so not all of them are really 100% measurable, but I think having them written here will help me to keep them in front of me. I plan to revisit this list often, and to keep you all posted.

What's on your to do list this year?


  1. I would like to do many of the same things. Happy New Year :)

  2. That's a great list. I have refused to make a list so far...LOL.

  3. Happy new year and happy 200th post to you!!

    I love your list. Wishing you lots of luck in accomplishing all your items. Maybe I'll make one of my own... we have a lot of items that would be very similar (3, 5, 9, 13, 14, 18, and of course, 19).

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post! What great timing, with the new year and a new list of goals. Good luck, and I hope 2010 makes your baby dreams come true!

  5. Yay for your 200th post! What a list! I think you should print it out and check them off as you accomplish them!

  6. Happy 200th post, sweet Hobbit!

    Loved your list. And I'm with Kristin---still putting off my own list for now.

    Green is my favorite color---but even I would have to rethink a lime green bathroom. What an interesting color choice. You'll have to keep us posted as to what color changes you make.

    I do know I'd plan to write more. I want to blog-post a minimum of once a week this year. (Twice if things go well, but I won't force myself as I think school is going to be craaaazy again.)

    And I'm loving your housekeeping schedule idea...might have to steal that one.

    Cheers to you and DH! :)

  7. Congrats on 200!

    I want to steal #6 from you. Very good list!

  8. great list!! I hope you tackle them all!

  9. Happy New Year and congratulations on your 200th post. That is an excellent accomplishment and this is a perfect way to celebrate both the new year and a milestone. I like 19, 20 and 21 the most. I wish you all the best to achieve your goals.

  10. I think those are great and most of them are doable. Good luck!
    I've never heard anyone call the TV the idiot box other than my mom.

  11. Mrs.G~
    Thank you for your love & support over at my place..It means the world..sorry I haven't been over to celebrate your 200th post w/you yet!! But belated congratulations..What a great way to start the new year..and like *almost* everyone else, Im a big fan of #19..and I need to focus on the small weight loss goals as well. Good luck on your inspires me to make my own =)

  12. I like number 20 and think you should move it up to the Number One position.

    "Be less hard on myself." INDEED!

    Happy 2010, eSister.

  13. good luck with your list!


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