Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey You! Yeah,I'm Talking To You!

Good Morning Humble Readers!

So when I stopped by Mel's place this morning to check out her latest post, I learned about Delurking Week.

And of course, my little hobbit heart got very excited about this...

I have mentioned in the past how I love my Ana.lytics account. I love seeing where my 'humble readers' are coming from. For example, I know I have regular readers from Calgary and Edmonton, but I don't know who they are. There are others too... from all around this globe.

So, in honour of International Blog Delurking Week, I humbly ask all of you to step out of the shadows, even just this one time. It can be as simple as just saying 'here' or, if you feel comfortable, tell a little about yourself, tell me generally where you are from, or leave a link to your corner of the blogosphere... you could just tell me your favourite flavour of ice cream. Whatever.

And if you don't feel comfortable with delurkify-ing just now, I hope you will consider it sometime in the future.

Whoever you are, thank you for reading!


  1. Ohhh, cool concept! I am here. Just chilling on the couch with a stuffy nose. Good fun!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. Ok here I am. I'm decloaking, please don't fire.

  3. Still here in Seattle area MrsG. I thought of you when I was doing the NY Times Crossword puzzle this weekend. It asked, "Month of Canadian Thanksgiving" and I knew it because of you and my other northern pals. How cool was that? I actually finished the whole puzzle with only two bits of help from MrBeep.

  4. Checking in from Florida, where it has been nice and sunny...but in the teens and 20s! I didn't sign up for this...bring the warm weather back! Hope your week of checking on your readership goes well. :)

  5. I don't think I'm a lurker, because I've commented before... but I'm coming out anyway :) So, if you wonder who your reader in OH is, it's me!

  6. It's me, your humble reader from Festus, MO! I'm calling out the lurkers today too...Mel's post inspired me to!

    Hope you're having a great day!!!

  7. Hi! I'm not really a regular here but I do stop by from time to time :-) especially when you post something on Mel's Show and Tell. May the new year bring you your heart's desire!

  8. ~waving furiously~ Hi, I'm here! I almost always make it over here (and finally got off me ass and started commenting).

  9. Can't remember if I've posted here before or no, so HI!

    Mrs Dreamer (Steph) from Hillsboro Illinois . 31, married, no kids, three dogs, two rats. I read, write, sing, game, blog, knit, hang out. I love good food, good friends, and good wine (all three at the same time is faboosh!)

    Totally going to steal this and post it on my page (maybe will have some comments, yeah?).

    Have a great day!

  10. Hello Mrs. G. I'm still lurking. Trying to blog myself, not been very faithful. Made a new entry today just so I could say that I blog in this comment! ;) I've decided to make it my New Year's be more like the illustrious Mrs. G!

    Oh and just so you know there is no such thing as a single favourite flavour of icecream!! mmmm...going to check the freezer and see if there is any!!

  11. I have commented a couple times before.... I think, but thought I would delurk again and say hello because we share the same province! :)

  12. Hi, there from Tennessee! I guess I'm not an official lurker as I've commented before (ICLW, I think, and your totally cool NY trip) but I think this is an awesome idea, so here I am. :)

    I'm Kelli, 31, PCOS gal from the south. Expecting our first child after 4 years of TTC/IF and several losses. I think I found your blog through ICLW or Mel's site...I don't truly remember. But I love to stop by and see what you're reading as I am an avid reader myself and because you always have a great outlook on things.

    Hope you're enjoying reading about your readers...have a great Wednesday!

  13. I comment periodically, but popping up to say HI anyway! Happy Delurking Week!


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