Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Photo Challenge #1 - Strength

Good Evening Humble Readers!

And welcome to the inagural Friday Photo Challenge. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to pop over and see Lindsay the Steadfast Warrior! (All are welcome... so please do stop by!)

The theme for the first week is strength. While I know that Lindsay intended for us to take a new picture, something that struck us this week as embodying strength, I was just at a loss to find anything.

So I started going through my pictures, and I came across these Both are from our first day in NYC back in September.

The first is 30 Rockefeller Center... 30 Rock. The immensity of the building and the power implied by the architecture exude strength.

And while this one is a little more obvious, I love this statue. We actually stumbled on in when we got lost coming out of Rockefeller Center (we thought we were coming out on the other side of the complex). Atlas holding the celestial spheres... strength in bronze.
So that's it, Kids... strength as seen through my camera (several months ago). Please join in and share your pics. If you don't have anything for this week, you can always work on next week's theme... Variety!


  1. My favorite of this group is the one of Atlas, very thought prevoking.

  2. Both are great examples Mrs. G! 30 Rock is overwhelming in it's size- perhaps one could ask if it's possible for somehting to have TOO much strength. Food for thought...

    The atlas staute, I agree, is thought provoking. Got me thinking about how on days we feel like we carry the weight of the world.

  3. I love both pictures but that Atlas one is just amazing. Something about that ancient image against such a modern backdrop really strikes a cord with me.

  4. Great pictures! Great representations of strength! WI might have to play along next week. It'll give me an excuse to take note of whats around me.

  5. Oy girl! I love both the pics...the second one may be obvious, but it sure is fantastically fitting with the theme!

  6. Great photos, and love your explanations of how they fit the theme. :)

  7. Both are perfect for this theme! Great job!

  8. These pictures do a great job of portraying strength. I remember visiting Rockefeller Centre in NY in 2001. The entire city is almost overwhelming architecturally, but there is a grace to the strength of 30 Rock.

    I also remember, if you go into the lobby of 30 Rock, there is a ceiling fresco of Atlas again (at least I think it is Atlas), and his feet are planted on two pillars that hold of the ceiling. As you move from one side of the lobby to the other, his stance appears to shift from one leg to the other. In this case, he is holding up the entire building.

    Great photos!


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