Monday, November 16, 2009

The Two Week Wait

Good Evening Humble Readers...

It's that time again.

The two week wait.

Stretched out ahead of me like the Canadian prairie in the middle of winter. (it's not even a full two weeks. My lp is only 13 days usually, and today was 1dpo) Just going on forever, and rather bleak.

I know that this tww should not be any more challenging than any other, but I'm feeling very apprehensive. It was in November last year that we conceived Olivia, and I can't help but feel that crazy mix of hope for a sticky bfp (third time's the charm, right?) and dreading that even if we are pregnant at the end of this month, we won't be by the new year.

That fear is there every cycle, but it's just so much more in my face this month. It's like the shadow that is always there on the edge of my line of sight is twice it's normal size and flexing it's muscles.

Thank heaven it's a busy time at work. For at least eight hours a day I will have something to distract me.


  1. Mrs. G...I totally feel you..We are coming up on the tail end of the TWW..and as much as I want to be PG, Im terrified that if I am, it will end before we even have time to celebrate..Here's hope for both of us=)

  2. Hoping and praying this time is it for you!


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