Monday, November 2, 2009

CD 1... AGAIN!

Well, Humble Readers...

AF has arrived, in all her usual glory. At least she didn't toy with me this month.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Cycle 22 is bound to be the charm, right?


  1. Argh, I'm sorry! I often think about statistics such as one I seem to remember that most infertile couples conceive within three years. Three years used to seem like a long time, but not so much anymore.

    In any case, when I feel like being positive, I think that every cycle at least brings me closer to the three-year mark and therefore means I'm coming closer to my chance. But I don't always feel like being positive =)

  2. I'm sorry about AF. :P But cycle 22 was lucky for me... maybe it will be for you!! Fingers crossed.

  3. I'm sorry she showed up. I hope cycle 22 is the one for you :)

  4. Dangit, I'm so sorry!!! Fingers crossed for Lucky Cycle 22!

    (Love the new blog layout!)

  5. Poop on AF..Im so hoping cycle 22 is your lucky one..And I, as well, puffy heart the new layout =)

  6. ahh sweetie I'm sorry. I hope cycle 22 is lucky, I really do.


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