Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitchen Adventures: Dinner Victory!

Good evening Humble Readers...

(Just a quick post tonight, as I am working on my intro post for ICLW. If you haven't signed up yet make sure to pop over to Mel's place. Use the blue button to the left for a quick link.)

Tonight was a minor victory for me in the kitchen. I don't have a picture, and I don't even have an exact recipe... but it turned out pretty darn good.

I was trying to replicate the pasta dish that my Beloved had when we were at Otto in New York. The original was Rigatoni con Sausage with Escarole. I had had just a little bite of it, but I knew I was going to have to try to recreate it at some point. I spent a fair bit of time pouring through all the Mario Batali cookbooks we had at work, but I couldn't find anything close.

Now, living in a small city on the flatland poses a few challenges when you want to try new recipes. First and foremost, you can't always get the ingredients you need (don't get me started on the lack of fresh basil around here!). Interesting cheeses, less than your everyday produce, and even certain cuts of meat are impossible to get. Even finding things like tahini... why can't I find tahini?? Anyway, I digress.

So, I had to replace rigatoni with shells, spinach for escarole, and dried sage for fresh. But, I have to say it turned out well...

I browned some crumbled italian sausage, drained it and set it aside. Using the same skillet, I melted a lot of butter and sauteed half of a finely diced onion, until the onion was soft and translucent and the butter was just starting to brown. I added a cup of white wine and let it reduce for a few minutes. Then I added the sausage back to the pan, and threw in the spinach. When the spinach was wilted down, I added a cup of cream. I tossed the pasta in the sauce and sprinkled it with a bit of parmesean.

I have to say that it tasted pretty darn good... and my Beloved gave it a 9.5. (He gave Mario's recipe a 10) I think he's biased, but it was still a good effort I think.

What was on the menu for you tonight?


  1. Yea for the kitchen victory ;) Sounds good.

  2. That sounds so very yummy! I also live in the flatland. Sometimes you can find tahini in the aisles with pasta sauces or Chinese and Mexican foods. We have about six inches of space on one shelf that sells Mediteranean foods and right there it is. ICLW

  3. Yum! That sound so good right now! I actually made lobster last night, for the first time in my life. Not just the tail, but the whole kit & kaboodle. My brother emailed me directions, and said 'good luck.' It turned out pretty well, if I must say so myself. And it wasn't even a special occasion - they were on sale at the grocery store.


  4. sounds delicious! I love the smell of browning onion!


  5. that sounds yummy, but I can't eat any of that. Bummer! Glad you all enjoyed!

  6. That sounds delicious! mmm!

    I, too, have a terrible time finding some ingredients for recipes I want to try. I guess the rural midwest isn't big on Asian 5 spice. lol

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Happy ICLW!

  7. Happy ICLW! I feel you on the flatland ingredient shortage, ugh. I hate having to plan trips just to get ingredients I need since the stores are 90min away.

  8. That sounded decadent and yummy. Wish I had a bowl and a transporter. Oh wait, that's sci-fi and not magic. Wish I had a bowl and a giant flying eagle to get me there quickly.


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