Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lessons Learned During The Break

Good Evening Humble Readers...

It's been a crazy week. My Beloved and I thank you so much for all your support. Each day brings it's own challenges, but we and Mom C, and the rest of the family are making it through.

In the midst of all this, time has flown... and I can officially say that our ttc break is over. Granted, I'm on the downward slope toward AF, but as soon as she's packed her bags, we are back to the baby-making, or my favourite new ttc abbreviation... GOF (goal oriented f.... well, you get the idea).

While it wasn't intentional when we booked our trip way back in February, the timing is impeccable. Prime baby making time falls right in the middle of our trip.

Honestly, I feel like we've been on a break since the m/c in January, with all the testing and procedures. I am trying not to put a lot of pressure on either of us, but I'm ready for this to happen soon.

To that end, we have made a few decisions. First up, if we are not pregnant by Christmas, then we are going to push for more intensive testing. And if we do get pregnant, and the unbearable should happen again, then we obviously will be looking at our options. One thing we absolutely agree on is that IVF is not for us. We may consider IUI, but that is still uncertain. Tentatively, we have set next summer as when we will start talking seriously about adoption.

This break time has taught me a few things... or perhaps reminded me of things I knew before ttc and m/c's overtook my life.
  • I love my Beloved more than I could ever thought possible.
  • I have reserves of strength that I didn't know were there
  • I can survive heartbreak
  • Patience really is a virtue.


  • My (blankety blank) boobs hurt during my lp EVERY (blankety blank) time, so I will not fall for that old bait and switch trick that my cycle plays on me!
  • AF can arrive without me pee-ing on a stick first!

So, off we go... and who knows? Maybe we'll come home from NYC with an extra special souvenir.


  1. Wow, timing couldn't bet better! Here's hoping for a special vacation brought present. Crossing fingers.

    I sent you something in the mail. Let me know if you get it! I'm anxious to know of it safe arrival (and actually slightly worried that the postal system would choose this particular time to screw up).

  2. Hope you have a great time and have a stress-less cycle. Good luck!

  3. Good luck! I hope you do get your souvenir

  4. I will be praying for you and wishing you the best of luck!
    Just an FYI, my brother and SIL adopted and it was the BEST thing they ever did for themselves and the child. I can't imagine life without my funny wonderful niece, even if she is a pain in the butt sometimes!
    I need you to e-mail me your address since you signed up to receive something crafty from me.

  5. I hope you get a great vacation souvenir. It sounds like a great time to get "back in the saddle."

  6. How exciting to begin the next phase of your TTC journey... I'm cheering you along!

  7. "Goal Oriented F-ing" ROFL....Girl, I LOVE it!

    Hooray for awesome GOF time during your vacation! Wink, wink.

    Seriously though, it sounds like you're at a good place emotionally. Yay!



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