Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hobbit vs The World: Two Big Annoyances

Good evening Humble Readers! Your friendly neighbourhood hobbit is irked tonight. Beyond irked actually... pretty pissed off!

Now you may be asking what can get under the skin of a relatively even-keeled hobbit? Well let me tell you...

First up... you may recall that I mentioned that a member of our leadership team at work gave notice a week ago. I was happy for her because she was leaving for a good reason, but I was concerned that someone in her position (in the management heirarchy, she was one level above me) would only give two weeks notice, especially when she gave notice the day before our general manager went on vacation.

So fast forward one week... how many shifts has she shown up for? One and a half. She called in 'sick' for two shifts, and then just stopped showing up. When one of the other managers called to see what was going on, after getting the voicemail run around, she finally owned up to the fact that seeing as our boss wasn't in, she wasn't going to come in either. She was just done. But, oh... 'it's nothing personal', and you know what? She 'still loves us all tons and tons'... Pardon me for saying so, but BULLSHIT!!! And really, the not personal bit? All I could think of was that line in 'You've Got Mail'... ''saying that it's not personal only means that it's not personal to you. It's very personal to me." The remaining three of us have had to juggle our schedules, rearrange our personal lives to cover for her lack of responsibility and respect. And let's not even get started about how she's not going to be able to use any of us as a reference...

Alright, so the other thing that is pissing me off today... read this story. It's ok, I'll wait.

Ok, done?

Are you as disgusted as I am? Yes, I have taken the source into consideration... Fam.ily is not known for being socially conscious. I know that it's an irreverent and purposely shocking show. I don't watch it for a reason. Infertility, surrogacy and abortion... anyone see anything joke-worthy in that list? And this is the show that was nominated for the Best Comedy Emmy? I applaud Fox for pulling the episode from the broadcast schedule, but it's still going to be out there... on the season 8 dvds. Gah!

Thank you, humble readers, for letting me vent. I needed to get those things off my chest.


  1. Hello Gentle Hobbit,

    Well, I have never been into Family Guy, so there is no mushroom I can grow on that.

    And well your colleague is verrrrrry unprofessional. And I hate to have co-workers like that. One of my faculty colleagues left at immediate notice, the morning he was expected to take his first class in a new semester, and he still manages to coolly stroll in no-dues/ library books/ material. I want to kick his chin.

    Another female, was pissed cpz I did not adjust one one-hour class with her. She took no consideration of the fact that I had to single-handedly fill in, for both of us, for about a whole week. But she made a hue and cry about friendship and cooperation.

    There are real nuts around us.

    You take care!

  2. Yes, disgusting is a great word to describe that show and it's writers. I've never watched a full episode before, and I never will.

  3. It is so weird when people put in 2 weeks notice and then act like they've already left!

  4. That is SOOO inconsiderate of that manager. Wow. It's hard to imagine how some people justify their selfish actions.

    That story about Family Guy is really upsetting. :( Actually, I will admit to loving that show. Sometimes they cross a line for me, but I'm generally hard to offend, and I do find the show to be pretty funny.

    But the abortion stuff.... well, I need to decide if I'm going to even keep watching it now.

  5. Hello, Hobbit!

    I'm finally catching up after my vacation...

    --Love your new layout!

    --THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the "Honest Scrap" award. I promise to get to it soon!

    --I was in a bit of a "news void" much of the time I was at my parent's house...I can't believe people "won" tickets to MJ's funeral.

    --Your smoothie stories made me giggle out loud. No $$ and then a carpet disaster. Heehee.

    --So, your first name begins with "T?" Hmmmm. I'm thinking of "Tabitha," or something equally as interesting. :)

    --YES! The Harry Potter actors have gotten quite cute! And I too was bummed at things they left out of the movie... (I'm in the middle of re-reading book 7 now.)

    --LOVED your sweet "milestone" post. How touching. You moved me to tears.

    --I can't believe the grocery released E.clipse early. Oops!

    --Your photos are super. LOVE all the's why I love visiting Ohio each summer. Things are much greener than here in the south.

    --Sunny Pug is a cutie! Hope you and DH will be able to get one of your own soon.

    --The only "F.amily Guy" episode I've seen was a "S.tar Wars" episode they had. The article was really very sad...makes me glad I don't watch the show.

    SO sorry for such a long comment, but I missed you, friend! :)

  6. Sorry about the former co-worker's lack of respect and lack of notice. Some people have no idea how their actions affect others and don't seem to care.... or are to wraped up in something to notice that it is affecting others. hang in there!

  7. wow, that was pretty rude of her. Sorry some people can be so arrogant and selfish. (I hate family guy)

  8. Hello Hobbit,

    Discovered your blog through blogger bingo.

    As someone who recently had an abortion that was completely against everything I believed in (the father has severe PTSD episodes when around babies, so me having his child would have been not wise), I find the Family Guy episode in completely poor taste because it makes fun of a difficult decision, not to mention the equally difficult situations of IF and surrogacy.


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