Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show & Tell: I'm too old but they're too cute!

Ok, so I'm way too old to be saying this... but I can't help myself!

They are just too yummy for words. All the way through the movie last night I couldn't help thinking that they have sure grown up! ( in that black suit... wow!)

If I were 15 years younger I'm sure that I would have posters of them all over my bedroom. But I think if I tried that now, my Beloved just might have something to say about it.

If you were a teenager again, who's poster would you be going ga-ga over?

Don't forget to swing by Mel's place to check out what the rest of the class is showing!


  1. I dont have any huge celebrity crushes.. I dont know why..
    But my co-worker LOVES twlight and although I havent seen it or read the book (I like in a cave) one of the character turns into a wolf??
    Or something and so she has the wolf as her background because if she had a picture of a 17 year old boy that would be kinda creepy seeing as she's in her early fourties.

  2. Oh btw i am caragh from ICLW

  3. Heh. I don't know who I would have posters of if I were a teenager today. I was so anti-establishment when I was that age, so whatever today's equivalent of the Cure and the Smiths are would be what's on my wall...

  4. I have to admit, I get more than a little teenager-ish over all things Twilight. I would probably have an Edward poster in my room if it weren't for the fact that I have to share said room with someone who would laugh his ass off at me. ;)

  5. I just get the posters and put them in the girls room...and then oogle over them when they aren't here. No one ever suspects who's they really are. I love Harry Potter.

  6. Zac Efr,on is pretty cute.

    I don't normally find Daniel Ra.dcliffe that attractive, but he had a photoshoot in Vogue last year where he was quite dashing (and nude).

    Happy ICLW (and Show and Tell)!

  7. I just saw the movie last night and I love what they've done. I thought the boy who plays Draco did an amazing job.

    And Daniel of course is always great.

    Hermoine is my favorite, though. I saw Emma Watson on David Letterman and she was so darn cute!!!!


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