Sunday, July 19, 2009

100th Post... and an Epiphany (of sorts)

Good evening Humble Readers... I can't believe that this is my 100th post! Who knew I had this much to natter on about? Break out the champagne and throw the confetti!

And now back to our regularly scheduled TMI...

So I hesitate in sharing the epiphany I had yesterday, for two reasons. One, I'm embarassed to say that I hadn't thought of asking my OB about this previously. And two, it's about my monthly AF experience.


Ok, here's the deal. All my adult life my period has had the same pattern (even for the year or so that I was on bcps). Four or five days.
CD1 - light flow, moderate to nasty cramps
CD2- medium flow, light cramps
CD3 - heavy flow, minimal cramps
CD4 - spotting or no flow for about 12 hours
CD5 - light/moderate flow, light to moderate cramps

The thing that has me wondering is that CD4 thing... where it slows and practically stops. It's normal for me, so I've never thought to mention it to my OB. There has even been once or twice where AF has actually faked me out and I was caught unawares when she made her last hurrah.

So, my question is... is this something that could be significant? It can't have anthing to do with the condition of my eggs, can it? I can't believe that I have never thought to ask about it.

Any thoughts or input?


  1. I think that considering how your flow works each month is a very important thing and asking your OB is always a good idea when you have questions. That being said, each person is different and I would expect that this doesn't have to do with your eggs as much as it may have something to do with your lining and/or some uterine factor. It is most likely totally normal for you, but maybe there is some blood test the doctor may want to do. Let us know what you find out as I am very interested.

  2. If you find out if this is a problem let me know. I have that stoppage as well and have also been caught unawares by that last hurrah.

  3. Hmmm..I don't have any advice (as Im asking for some on my most recent but I did want to congratulate you on your 100th post..Thats a BIG deal!! :) Thank you so much for your advice & support!!

  4. I don't know for sure but I have this too. I have mentioned it to my RE and he didn't seem overly worried about it. Good luck!!


  5. There was no worries when I mentioned to the DR that I had a stoppage while I slept on CD 3, and CD 4 had light flow.

    Congrats on post 100!

    Stopping by for an ICLW visit...
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  6. It probably isn't significant but it is definitely worth asking about. Hope you get a satisfactory answer.



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