Monday, June 29, 2009

So Many Things To Ponder

The last couple of days have been eventful, to say the least... Some things are still percolating, so be prepared for some (what I hope are) interesting posts over the next few days. I don't want this to be a Potpurri post... but I think I need to get some of it out of my head so that there's room to process the rest. While alone, none of these things are really that are mind-blowing, but taken together they are distracting.

So, my weekend in a nutshell:
  • Friday afternoon: did my first Wii Ac.tive workout, almost died!

  • Saturday morning: went to the farmer's market, ran into a staff member who told me a fabulous customer story. I will tell more about it later, but it involves Mel's book!

  • Saturday morning: hung around downtown taking pictures, mostly to get some practice with the camera. Went for lunch at a Fijian restaurant.

  • Saturday afternoon: came home and died after walking all morning with super sore legs (from Friday workout). Made a lazy supper and went to the movie theater to see "Up".

  • Saturday evening: got to the theater, but the line was stupidly long so we bought tickets for the late showing. Decided to go look for a new computer monitor, but got distracted by the mini laptops. Got terrible service at two different (national chainselectronics stores, and ended up leaving both without purchasing. Went and saw the movie, cried my eyes out.

  • Sundsay morning: went to church, heard an excellent sermon that I am going to have to post about at some point soon. Pastor J had no clue that she was speaking straight to my heart. On our way out, I was approached to consider heading up Sunday School in the fall.

  • Sunday afternoon: went for lunch (just subs). Next door to the sub place was a laptop clearance place, so we popped in just to look and ended up leaving with this lovely new mini laptop and wireless router. Played with my new 'puter, did a workout (again almost died), made dinner and did some writing (a new story line has been haunting me).

Like I said, not very exciting at face value, but there are possibly changes coming for me as a result of this weekend. Who knows?


  1. I did a couple active fit workouts and they just about killed me, too! I need to get back into it!

    Can't wait to hear about your customer story and great sermon this week!

  2. Sounds like a positive trend! Change is good - as long as it is positive. :)

  3. GO, GIRL! For me the first 2 A.ctive workouts were killer....wobbly, sore legs the next day. However, knowing that it was 2 days of workout/1 day of rest/2 days of workouts/1 day or rest, etc. has been getting me through. And thus far NONE have killed me as much as those first 2 workouts did. You can DO IT! :)

    Neat that you found a good deal on your computer!

    Glad that you're plugging away with your writing. How exciting!


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