Saturday, June 6, 2009

Show & Tell : The New Camera

Ok, so it's not terribly new any more. We bought it as our anniversary gift to each other back in April, but it's still pretty darn cool.

Not to mention a bit intimidating.

It has so many added do-dads that I swear, if I could figure out how, it would do the vacuuming for me! I'm just super thankful that I can delete any of my terrible shots.

I am hoping to be able to get some time to practice with it before we go to NYC this fall. Part of my challenge is that I'm not really sure how the pictures turn out because the colour on our computer monitor is kinda crappy. (A new 'puter isn't in the budget until next year.)

I used to scrapbook a lot, but got out of the habit of taking pictures. I'm hoping to take lots of great pictures while we're away... we have too many bare walls in this place yet!

Don't forget to stop by Mel's and check out what the rest of the class is showing! Happy Saturday!


  1. Oooh, I'm impressed. I have a little automatic camera that just slips into my purse. I'd love to get a real one that requires some skill. That one is beautiful.

  2. I don't even know where to put all my drool right now!

    I borrowed a 'good' camera (like yours) for our memory walk and actually wrote a post about how AMAZING IT WAS!

    I am also a scrapbooker...and still taking lots of pics with my crappy, dropped, time delayed so all you get are eyelids - camera.

    *sigh* Am I jealous much??

  3. Nice camera - we have a similar one at work, and I have hardly used it because it has too many features! Point, shoot, review - that's my speed.

  4. i'm so jealous! i've been wanting a fancy new camera for quite a while now...maybe santa will deliver this year. congrats and enjoy!

  5. This is sure to bring us many more cool show & tells!

  6. Awesome new camera! Congrats. I finally got my new/used Nikon within the last year. You are soooo gonna love having it. I use smugmug to host my photos and they have a "vault" backup option too.

  7. Nice. I love my Pentax, but I desperately want the next step up!

    Have fun playing before your trip. A tip: don't delete photos until you do view them on your ciomputer (except for ones that are blurry or obviously not okay). While it means that I have a zillion photos on my computer, I find that I go back to older photos all the time and sometimes having time and distance from them gives you a better perspective. I fin d ones I actually like all the time and am glad I didn't delete them.

    Happy snapping! :)

    Oh, and as for Show and Tell the other week. you made me smile! I am honoured to have played a role in your discovery of blogging. One of these days we'll actually have to meet. :)

  8. I have a serious case of lust for your camera. While I'm thrilled with my nice little 8 megapixel camera, I would love a really GOOD one.

  9. i hope you are enjoying your new "toy" and that you bring us lots of great pics from your upcoming trip to NYC!

  10. Ooooooooohhh - enjoy!

    I just got a new camera too (sssshhhhhhhh - I don't want my family to know, they broke the last one!) I've been sneakily using it to put all those pictures of flowers up on my blog!

  11. What if you upload some of the photos and then look at them on another computer -- a friend's, work, library, etc.?

    You could also print some out if you were doing a direct comparison, but that could get expensive quickly unless you only printed a few (or were going to print them anyway).


  12. Oooohhh! SWEET camera! Looks amazing! Can't wait to see more of your pics.

    ...I'm hoping to get back to scrapbooking. I've been out of the loop since Em was born, but am hoping now that she's 4 she can either participate with me or entertain herself while I "scrap" a bit this summer! :)


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