Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hobbit-ish Household Tips

Ok humble readers... here are my uber-important household tips.
  • Never leave the precariously mounted venetian blind even part way down with the window open. A breeze could kick up and the whole bloody thing could come crashing down, shattering a glass candle holder in the process. (Learned this one last week)
  • Never leave a particular type of fem-hy product in your pocket... and then let it go through the washer. When your husband finds it in the dryer he will freak out. (of course it was one that I had as a 'just in case')
  • Always assume that anything in tup.perware you don't recognize, found in the back of your fridge, is not meant to be opened, but instead just thrown away with as little contact to your skin as possible.
  • Never assume that one shade of cream paint is the same as another. You will end up with a funky looking hallway.
And the item that inspired this post:
  • Never put a pot of potatoes on to boil and then get wrapped up in an episode of M*A*S*H. If you do, this will be the one time that the stupid pot doesn't even think about boiling over, and you end up with a nasty-smelling-smoke-filled kitchen, a lot of blackened (and not the good Cajun kind) potatoes, and a pot that is likely ruined because the bloody thing boiled dry!
Ok... so now you have my tips. Use this knowledge carefully, young Jedi.


  1. I laughed at this NOT because I think burned potatoes are actually amusing, but because I just did that with cabbage! Eeewwww! And HOW hard is it to scrub that damn pot?

  2. I agree with you on the never opening forgotten containers in the back of the fridge. Especially if you can't rmember what it was or how long it's been there.

    Sorry about your pot and the potatoes. On the bright side, isn't M*A*S*H wonderful?

  3. ROFL....You had "M*A*S*H*ed potatoes" instead. (Sorry, I can't help my punniness!)

    LOVED your tips...and sadly relate to the scary things lurking in containers in the fridge.


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