Monday, June 22, 2009

Outside My Window & Inherited Clumsiness

So, I'm on vacation, right? Looking forward to having some quiet time at home, puttering around the house, getting things ready before my hysteroscopy tomorrow (for some reason I can't go to the hospital with a messy house... go figure).

And what do I wake up to this morning? Our condo building shaking, diesel engines roaring, and dust on the wind filtering through my open windows. I should have guessed this was coming. I noticed the spray-painted marks on the sidewalk last week, but I was hoping that their work would end at the far end of our street.

It appears that they are replacing the curbs, and possibly the sidewalks, too. I hope that it doesn't take all week.

In other Hobbit-land news... I have always been known as a clumsy person. If you don't believe me, check out my Hobbit vs. Old Man Winter post. I have always known that I inherited this from both my biological and foster moms, and this was proven yet again this past weekend.

My mom, on her way through the Las Vegas airport, fell. Apparently she was just walking along, and her ankle rolled. She went down hard on her left side. As she says, at least it was at the end of her trip and not at the beginning.

Stubbornness is also an inherited feature of the women in my family. Knowing that, you will not be surprised that my mother, even though she was in incredible pain, had my dad help her to board the plane. By the time they landed in Vancouver, she was ready to pass out from the pain, and the airline had a medical team standing by to take her to the hospital.

Now, normally, when a fifty-something woman falls, it doesn't have the same connotation as when, say, an 80-something woman falls. But, my mom is a five-time cancer survivor, and all that chemo and radiation has done damage to her bones. It turns out that she has broken her foot and has a fracture in her pelvic bone.

I talked to her yesterday, and she texted me today... she seems to be doing ok. The doctors said that the nature of the fracture in her pelvis is such that they want her to stay mobile (to avoid blood clots) and the break in her foot is such that they can't cast it.

She's anxious to get home so that she can check in on my Grandma (in a nursing home). My sister is going to stay with her for a couple weeks so that she can keep her under control and not doing a whole lot.

*Just sitting here shaking my head*


  1. Oh, God. I hope she feels better soon!

  2. oh my...I do hope she's OK, and that she recovers fast!! ~ICLW

  3. I hate road construction--in front of your house, no less!

    Thanks for the visit and good luck with the hysteroscopy tomorrow!

    Happy ICLW.

  4. Good luck tomorrow! You may be so out of it from the anesthesia that you don't notice the construction, at least for one day.

    Hope your mom recovers quickly.

    Happy ICLW!

  5. 1. I'm the same way---can NOT do hospital or even vacation/overnights away without having a tidy house. (I inherited this from my mother who would scrub our house from top to bottom in the week prior to us leaving on a family vacation.)

    2. BUMMER about the road construction outside during your "vacation" time.

    3. So sorry to hear of your mom's injuries. Hope she is mending well.

    4. Sorry I've been summering and away from non-ICLW-list blogland this week. I hope all went well with your hysteroscopy.


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