Monday, June 22, 2009


Ok, so I wasn't going to watch it, but I did. Jon & Kate tonight was probably the most disappointing thing I've ever seen.

My opinion probably isn't a popular one (and I might get some nasty comments), but I feel that they are being selfish and copping out. What is more important for a child than for his or her parents to be together? Marriage takes constant work, especially when they have as many stressors as they do.

They kept saying that they were doing this for the kids. Pardon me for saying so but, what a load of crap...


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been following your journey for a couple months now and enjoy reading your posts. :)

    ps. I agree, very disappointing.

  2. i didn't watch but am not surprised what they announced....don't know how i feel except that the whole thing stinks and i think should be kept private. i am not a fan of reality tv....i think people should desire privacy when dealing with love, marriage kids....of course i blog ha-ha....hmmmmm. but i do feel very badly for the children.

  3. I totally agree....LOL

    It is so I am still ttc and can't have one after almost 5 years...and they have 8...ughhhhhh

    Staying together is best for the kids in my opinion.

    They went through all of that to have they can't even put forth the efforts to make their marriage work....?????

  4. I don't know. I can certainly see it both ways. However. I've made it plain to the YCU that if he's EVER "caught", he will be moving into his mother's guest bedroom forthwith, and this kid is his, and he will pay through the nose for them. Now, as to the kids, my parents divorced when I was grown and out of the house. I know how it affected me then, and I can't imagine going through it as a child or a teenager. Oh. My. God. I feel so sorry for those kids, cause it's obvious they love both their parents dearly, and just aren't going to understand. Hell, I'm 30 years old and I still don't understand my parents' split. I know it will be so hard on them, and I just hope they come out on the other side ok.

  5. Oh I'm so there with you! Maybe if they had heeded the warnings people gave them years ago about how they treated each other (and spent some time in counseling and less time on TV), then they would be able to repair this mess.

    As a child of divorce, I'm so sad for their kids. I don't feel sad for them, I feel mad at them.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you... it's so sad that the kids will be going through such a troubled life... It's pretty crazy that this is another negative publicity for a IF related issue (besides octomom)... besides people generally not being aware about IF... such cases just make it even more of a "celebrity" (?) gossip than an important health issue.

  7. I missed the episode, but am not surprised by the news. It saddens me that the kiddos will be enduring the heartache of divorcing parents.

    If you have time, I find this blog interesting: Truth Breeds Hatred at

    It is written by Julie, who is the sister of the Gosselin kid's Aunt Jodi. She posts a lot regarding her opinions of what "really happened" (her words, not mine) behind the scenes of the show.

    I'm not saying her blog is 100% fact, as I do not know her (or Jon&Kate). However, it makes for interesting reading. And she seems to really feel for the Gosselin kids, wanting the best for them.

  8. It was incredibly sad, yes.

    While I don't feel it's right to *just* stay together for the kids, it doesn't really seem like they gave reconciliation a fair chance. They have an incredibly stressful situation, yes, and it's hard to give them advice when I've never walked a mile in their shoes... but Kate really needed to start treating Jon with more respect, and he needed to step up to meet her needs too.

    Both needed to change, and neither one seemed willing.


  9. I completely agree with you. I think that anyone that "thinks" they are divorcing to benefit their kids is living in a dream world. Kids are highly effected by those actions - and will forever second guess how they think about marriage. If they truly were thinking of anyone other than themselves - they would stick together and show their kids how to have a Christian marriage where you don't duck and run at the first sign of trouble.


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