Monday, May 4, 2009

Wishful Thinking (othewise known as grasping at straws)

Good evening humble readers...

Well, the crud is moving on, slowly. It feels like my normal pattern for a cold is going in reverse. I'm starting to deal with some sinus congestion (where my colds usually start) and the chest congestion is finally easing (where my colds usually end). At least I think the fever is finally going away.

While it doesn't seem quite related, I was looking back over my charts from the past year and noticed a bit of a pattern. In the past year I have been pregnant twice. In the past year I have had two bouts with the flu/cold/whatever the hell this is. The first go round with the flu... two months later I was pregnant. Second go round with the flu... next month I was pregnant. Do you see the pattern?

So... does that mean that I might just get pregnant this month? Of course, that would necessitate me getting the energy to get off the couch, stop hacking up a lung, and consider shaving my legs. Meh... whatever. My fever has probably cooked my eggie for this month anyway. (would that be poached, fried or scrambled?)


On a completely different note, I go for my eye exam tomorrow. I have needed new glasses for about two years, but I always had an excuse (the wedding, moving, new job, no benefits, was pregnant). But really, I just hate going and finding out that my eyesight is that crappy. Not to mention, I hate trying to choose a new pair of frames. I can't see what I look like so I have to trust the people who work there, and that's just not really confidence boosting.

Oh well...

I'm off to go find some steel wool to shove in my ears... maybe that will help with the itchiness.


  1. well, patterns do happen for some reason, maybe it is a good sign?
    hope you feel better soon!

  2. Can you ask a friend to go with you to the glasses place? I wear my contacts so I can see what I look like, but I still need an unbiased opinion. Isn't that a stupid system, though? You can't see what you're buying, and it's really expensive, usually?

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, I sure hope you are right nad the pattern continues (up to a point, that is)!

  3. Two words: Red. Frames.

    Go for it, sister. :o)


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