Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crud Update

Well, so much for thinking that this crap is going away. Sinus congestion is in full swing and the fever is at it's highest so far (still not in scary H1N1 zone tho). I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, at which point, I'm sure he'll tell me that it's just a cold and to deal.

Let me tell you, getting an eye exam when you have a cold is not fun. That puff of air in the eye thing... yikes! And I was so self-conscious... I didn't want the doc to think I was dying.

I did pick a new set of frames (yes, they are partly red, City Girl ;) ) and I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with them. I did a little bit of shopping, including stocking my medicine cabinet with things I haven't had in the house in a year... that hot lemon stuff and some Buckley's (a truly Canadian experience... their slogan is 'it tastes awful but it works'... tastes like liquefied pine needles). Why is it when you're sick, you end up buying stupid stuff? When I got home I found that I had purchased hairspray (which I never use), a two sided stove-top grill/griddle (huh?), gum (which I never chew), and some Ol.ay face product (that I have never seen before).

I now have a couple of hours before I have to go pick up my DH. Maybe I should tell him to call a cab.

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