Saturday, May 23, 2009

Show & Tell: A Cop-Out and A Grateful Heart

Hello Humble Readers...

(Before I get to my Show & Tell, an update for you. Yes, AF has shown her face. Yes, I feel silly for being sooo hopeful, but am ready to move on to a new cycle with renewed optimism. One interesting trend I've noticed in my last three cycles now... my LP seems to have gained half a day. Odd. It's been making the end of the last couple of tww's rather confusing. I am now going to operate under the assumption that my LP is now 12.5-13 days, which should be a good thing, right?)

Ok, so on to S & T part one... Otherwise known as the part where I cop-out. I have no new pics this week, so I am reverting to some old stand-bys.

My Beloved and I had our engagement pictures taken in the same park where we had our wedding pics taken. Although our engagement was short, we still wanted something to commemorate the time. We had gotten engaged in October (he proposed on a pizza... but that's a story for another time), but the pictures were taken in mid-February.

The first is one of my favourite pictures of my Beloved (ignore the double-chin sitting beside him)... I love his smile and how relaxed he looks.

How did I manage to get such a looker?

The second two pics are of us in the same location... just two months apart.

All through March and the first half of April I was praying for some leaves to pop, so that it would look at least a little like spring in our pictures. The week before our wedding the park took on that lovely shade of pale green and the leaves were on their way.

And now for my homework... it was actually fairly easy for me to pick a Show & Tell post that was more than memorable for me. But before I tell you about the post I need to tell you a little about the author.

A little over a year ago I started posting on a TTC message board that catered particularly to Canadians. I started to get to know people, learn the lingo, and had begun the crazy up and downs of this road. One of the people I got to know through this time was the Steadfast Warrior. We shared the excitement about the prospect of being moms and month after month we cheered on each other and the others on the boards. We both got BFPs last summer, and we both miscarried at around the same time (my first loss, her second).

We had moved from the ttc boards to the pregnancy boards to the miscarraige boards together. We cried on each others shoulders via the internet, supported each other (and others on the same road) as we dealt with the grief and anger. Eventually, we both moved on to trying again.

When I experienced my second loss, she was there. She read my rants. She sent me emails to support and encourage me when I disappeared from the boards. And she encouraged me to blog. She told me about the ALI community, and about the support she received here. And she cheered me on as I picked myself up and started again... and when I started to blog.

At one point, shortly after we lost Olivia, I clicked onto her blog, and it happened to be this post. It made me laugh, as she often does, and it was exactly what I needed. I want to say thank you, Lindsay, for being a friend and a support and a cheerleader. Blessings on you, girl! (and your little bean, too!!)

Ok, so now that the sap-fest is over... head on over to Mel's place and check out what everyone else is showing this week! And don't forget to bring your homework!


  1. Awe, how sweet I love your engagement photos! And how cool that in such a short time you got some leaves on the trees.

    And I totally remember Steadfast warrior's post you mentioned. It was so funny!!! I'm sorry, you lost your Olivia. It's a beautiful name. Well full disclosure - I have to tell you that I'm partial to it because it's mine! :o)

  2. Those are some great pictures, and some truly amazing support you've gotten from your friend.


  3. I'm so sorry AF showed and you didn't get better news.

    That is a fantastic engagement photo, you both look so happy in it.

  4. LOVELY pics. Your DH is a handsome fellow, and the two of you look great together!

    Sorry about AF, I know you were extra excited this time.

    Lindsay's "smushed" goddess made me giggle, thanks for sharing.


  5. You are lovely and those are wonderful pictures.

    It is so nice that you have had such an awesome supporter on your journey.

  6. these pictures are beautiful!!

  7. Those pictures are beautiful, you look great together!

    ~Stopping by for ICLW~


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