Friday, May 22, 2009

The Lament of the Insomniac

Good Evening Humble Readers...

When I was a child, my biological mom would brag about how good a sleeper I was. I would sleep anywhere and everywhere. I slept through the night very early, and was a good napper. (I remember being very upset that I had slept though an animated tv special when I was 5 because my mom didn't want to wake me from my nap.)

As I got a little older, this trend continued. If I was in a moving car for more than 20 minutes, it was common for me to fall asleep (altho, this was more of a defense against motion sickness than anything else, I think).

I can sleep on a plane. I can sleep on a bus. In college, I often slept on the chapel pews (during service). I can sleep with the tv on, with the lights on, and absolutely with my glasses on.

So why couldn't I sleep last night?

Thursday nights are always a bit of a challenge for me because I know that I need to go to sleep early. 5:30 Friday AM comes far too early for a person whose internal alarm clock usually goes off at around 8am.

As per my Thursday usual, I went to bed at around 10 last night, planning on reading for an hour or so. I was still awake when my Beloved came to bed just after midnight. I was still reading, and no where near sleepy at 1:00 AM. (btw, great book Mel! I'm totally loving it!) I forced myself to put the book down and turned off the light.

And I laid there...

And stared at the ceiling...

And tossed and turned...

And fought with the duvet...

And flipped my pillow over to the cool side...

And looked at the clock...

Finally, in the interest of letting my Beloved get a decent night's sleep, I got up and went out to the living room, certain that a little syndicated tv would do the trick.

I watched an entire episode of Numb.ers, and more than half an episode of before my eyes finally drifted closed.

They popped open again at 5:15. Two hours of sleep. That's not sleep, it's a nap.

So needless to say, I'm tired. Exhausted. Weary.

I know that there are others out in the world who deal with chronic insomnia, and I truly feel for them. My situation is no where near what my mom deals with on a regular basis. However, I have spent a wasted day at work (got nothing done) and a wasted afternoon/evening at home. And now it's time for bed.

So, good night, humble readers. I will try to be a much better ICLW-er tomorrow.


  1. Oh I hate nights like that! I had a bit of similar one last night (hence why I'm posting at 6AM my time since I fell asleep around 2AM and just awoke at 5AM. Grrrr...I turned on an oblivious 'THe Real Untouchables' show to fall back asleep to, and found myself watching the dumb thing instead.

    I hope that this is a random 'nap' issue for you, and that you rest well for the next coming days.

  2. That happens to me a lot. I hate it for you. You feel like s___ all day, and when you try to go to bed early, now you can't sleep cause you're too tired!

  3. I HATE insomnia! I hope that it works itself out soon so you don't spend another day miserable and unproductive. I saw your ticker...I'm sorry AF found you. (((HUGS)))


  4. Insomnia can be SO frustrating... though I have to admit my episodes are few and far between.

    Hope you're able to get some R&R time this weekend.

    I selected one of your old Show&Tell posts as my favorite of the year for Mel's Show and Tell homework project. :)


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