Friday, May 8, 2009

How could you, Bones?

Hello humble readers...

Well, I believe I've turned a corner with the Crud. I'm pooped, tuckered, and generally wiped out, but breathing is much easier today. I am at the point where I'm sure that if my ears would just pop all would be pretty much well. Thank you all so much for your kind words and warm thoughts this week.

So, in my drug induced stupor this week I have spent most of my time curled up on our couch with my fuzzy blankets, multiple boxes of triscuits (to scratch my throat), strawberry popcicles, tissues, and industrial size jugs of OJ. I haven't been able to read because I can't seem to focus on the words on the page (which has also contributed to me being a bad bloggy-friend this week too, so sorry everyone!), so of course I have been watching waaaaay too much tv. Star Trek, Rachel Ray, various home improvement shows, and of course CSI (because it's on EVERYWHERE!) have all filled my hours.

Last night, when I was beginning to feel slightly human again, I got very excited because I realized that I was actually going to get to watch Bones. I have always loved that show, but with my work schedule and the changes in the show's time slot, I haven't gotten to watch it all that often this year. So, I settled into the cushions, ready to enjoy a good and disgusting episode of dead bodies and the sexual tension between Booth and Bones.

The episode started off encouragingly. An extremely decomposed dead body in a wine cask. Fabulously gross! I actually had to turn away a few times. Okay, so cut to the obligatory relationship part of the show... Booth and Bones in Dr. Sweets' office for their weekly therapy session. And what does Bones say? 'I want to have a baby.'

The long and the short of it is... Bones decides she want to have a baby, but doesn't want the baggage of the 'ephemeral emotions' that go with doing things the old fashioned way. She, in her usual tactless, clueless way, tells Booth that she wants to have his baby because he is the ideal breeding partner. They then go through the whole bit about does he want to have a baby but not be the daddy... the whole time assuming that it's a given that she will get pregnant. At one point she even says 'I could be pregnant in a month'.

Not even taking into account that she has only decided that she wants to do this yesterday (in tv-land), apparently she was already able to get in to a fertility specialist, has been ok'd for IVF, had Booth drop off his sample, had it analyzed (28 million, and he was proud... ha! some of my friends' hubbies in the blogosphere can beat that without trying!) and found out that he has good motility. At the rate she was going, I was just waiting for the shot of her walking out of the bathroom at the Jeffersonian with a positive hpt at the end of the show.

Talk about trivializing ART! I was so disgusted! I know that there is an overriding assumption out there that IVF is an 'easy' option, but come on! I have always been so impressed with that tv show... entertaining and yet nasty crime drama... lots of pseudo-science to keep me intrigued... but this just totally irked me! And I've never even gone through IUI or IVF. I was so offended, for myself as an infertile, and for all my friends who struggle month after month with this battle.

Shame on you, Bones! Shame on you!

(yes, I realize that it's just a tv show... but it still really bothered me)


  1. oh man, I love that show....and I haven't seen that episode, but I am very disappointed with if our road wasn't hard enough. people already think if you get ivf you are automatically magically pg....this is not helpful.
    hope you are doing better :)

  2. I've never even heard of that show, but I'm a bit out of touch with television these days. Still, that does sound rather annoying.

    So happy to hear that you're feeling better.

  3. I've never seen Bones. However, your post was well stated...and it seems a shame that they didn't make things more realistic. Bummer!

    On a brighter note----Triscuits and strawberry popsicles are two of my favorites!! :)

  4. I hear you! I've seen a few shows that really make the whole baby-making process seem like a joke. Even "Family Guy" makes fun of infertiles! Sorry your "Bones" watching turned into baby thoughts...

  5. I'm sorry your favorite show was so disappointing, it really bothers me too when the media potrays IVF as an easy option or a quick fix. It leaves poeple so misinformed and is unfair to poeple who struggle with the reality.

    On the plus side I am glad you are feeling human again.. pass me a Strawberry popcile ?? :-)

  6. Ugh, I know!!! I was thinking the entire time "well, here goes another show I'm gonna have to give up watching!"

    I was highly, highly disappointed in the whole thing.


    Hope you're feeling fantastic soon!!!

  7. I wish I had read this before watching Bones on DVR yesterday... I was so grossed out by the whole thing. I mean sometimes they take her character a little far - and that episode would be one that I found to be WAY too far!


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