Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a blah kind of day...

Anyone ready to hang out at my pity party? The whine and cheese is on the table. The violins are playing. My PLOM (poor little ol' me) disease is in full swing.

Here's what happened today...
  • Got on the scale this morning... not a good thing. All that weight I lost last month has found me again.
  • It's still not spring... when I left for work this afternoon at 2, it was 2 degrees outside. (that's Celsius for my friends down south)
  • Found out that we really REALLY have nowhere to store our stupid winter tires, and that it looks like we are going to be hauling them around in our trunk until October at which point we will swap them out for the summer tires. I want the trunk of my car back!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Discovered that one of my direct reports, who was hired to replace me when I was promoted, actually makes more than me, when you break it down to an hourly wage. Gah!
  • I've been waiting for two weeks to get an appointment with my optometrist, after his office promised they would call as soon as there was an opening... I ended up calling them back today to find out what's going on and found out that the only opening is tomorrow (I work) and after that the doc is on vacation for 2 weeks!
  • My lips are ridiculously chapped.
And to top it all off, I'm not pregnant, I've just had what is possibly the worst AF I've had in over a year, and I don't feel at all confident for this cycle (yes, I know it's only CD 5, but I'm just not feeling it this month).

I'm just going to head to bed and pray that tomorrow is a better day.


  1. Those days suck. I hope today is better for you(including somewhere to put those tires!).

    On Tue. I went to the dentist(an appt. it took me a month to get) and he wasn't there! Argh.

  2. Sorry for your bad day. And I don't want to figure out what my hourly wage would be since it would be depressing.

  3. Awww. You're entitled to some PLOM time now and then. (I like your "PLOM" label, by the way.)

    Thinking of you...


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