Saturday, February 28, 2009

February's Reading List

So this is what I have been reading this month. I wish I could read as fast as I used to. Maybe I'm spending too much time on the computer... or hanging out with Mario and Luigi.

Innocent Traitor - Alison Weir
(4 out of 5 hairy hobbit toes)
  • A great account of Lady Jane Grey, the British monarch with the shortest reign (9 days). It follows her life as a pawn in the very corrupt courts of Henry the VIII and Edward the VI. Told in the first person from many different characters' perspectives, it offers a glimpse into the life of a woman living in Tudor England. Even though I knew what would happen at the end, I found myself cheering as Jane stood up to her father's manipulations and voiced her faith and strength.
Princess Diaries Collection (Books 1, 2, & 3) - Meg Cabot (4 out of 5 hairy hobbit toes)
  • Many of you have probably seen the Disney movie version of this book, but I have to say it was a really fun read. Yes, it's written for young teen girls... but so was Twilight and I will admit to enjoying those as well. Things that surprised me about this book: it takes place in New York (not San Francisco, like in the movie), Mia's dad isn't dead (he is in the movie), and I just can't see Grandmere falling for Lars, Mia's bodyguard (like in the movie). Meg Cabot writes a lot of chick-lit for adults, and I have enjoyed those as well, but there is a sense of fun in the Mia stories that is refreshing. PS- I have recently heard that the books lose their originality the further you go in the series. I may give the next couple a shot.
Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden (5 out of 5 hairy hobbit toes)
  • Ok, so Oprah loved this book. That was reason enough for me to never ever read it. But then, a few years ago I saw the trailer for the movie and I was enraptured. The story is so surreal that it could almost be true. A young girl taken from her home, sold into servitude, is given the opportunity to become something amazing. A chance encounter that changes a life, romance, unrequited love, doing what one must in order to survive... whew... I could go on forever. I just love this book! I guess that's why it's on my annual re-read list.
A Harlequin novel that will remain unnamed - (1 out of 5 hairy hobbit toes)
  • Ok, I will admit I occasionally read trash. This book fit the bill and provided me with a couple of hours of escapism. 'Nuff said.
Sweetness at the Bottom Of the Pie - Alan Bradley (5 out of 5 hairy hobbit toes)
  • Amazing! OMG, I was given an advance copy of this book, just prior to it's release and I was blown away. Imagine a murder mystery worthy of Miss Marple or Hurcule Poirot, with an 11 year old girl as the main character. It was absolutely fabulous! Everyone who appreciates mysteries, dark British humour, and philatelists will adore this book. I can't wait for the next in the series. And the best part... this author is from my home town! How cool is that!


  1. Memoirs of a Geisha is a great book! I visited Kyoto, and it was so neat walking down the same streets. The movie was phenomenal.


  2. thanks for the handy list. i've got some bedrest in my near future b/c of IVF so i might get a chance to check something out.

  3. What a great list, I have read Memoirs of a Geisha and it is so much better than the movie.

  4. Wow, you're quite the reader. I had all these lovely aspirations of making serious headway through my To-Read list but alas, I've done one book. :( So many great books, so little time!

  5. Oh, and I wanted to say how much I love reading your comments on my posts. They are always touching and thoughtful. THanks for you support. :)

  6. Sounds good! Feel free to send that mystery my way!


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