Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Last Weekend of Summer?

Howdy Humble Readers...

This certainly hasn't felt like Labour Day weekend around here.  It's been so cold and rainy that it really feels more like Thanksgiving weekend.  It's been 6C since Friday. 

We spent part of the day yesterday in the Teeny-tiny Town to the South, where MIL lives.  She had invited us down for dinner.  Now, I love my MIL.  She is a very sweet, giving woman.  Generous to a fault.  She has, however, three little foibles... 1 - she drops by unannounced, whenever she's in town, 2 - She lives on the borderline between pack-rat and hoarder (If I get rid of something from our house, or donate them to a thrift store, I CANNOT tell her.  She has, in the past, gone through my boxes and bags of thrift store donations and 'saved' more than half of it), and 3 - she eats dinner early, really early.  When my FIL was alive, dinner was at 5pm sharp.  Now, she eats dinner between 4 and 5pm.  Yesterday, dinner was at 4:30.  Crazy!

Other big happenings in the hobbit-hole this week... Ginny's first couple of days of kindergarten.  She has done really well and is super excited about things like gym class and having TWO recesses.  She brought home her first home-reading assignment and has been especially keen on reading to us all the time.  She is in a class of 23. Twenty-two little girls, only one boy (poor kid, lol).  I'm struggling a bit with the fact that there are big chunks of her day that I have no clue about, and have to rely on what she tells me.  She's not big on the details of her day just yet.  Riding the bus went well on Friday, the only hiccup being that she almost forgot her hoodie on the bus when she came home. 

While letting go has been an adjustment (who am I kidding, I shed more than a few tears) for both my Beloved and I, the one who has been most affected by Ginny going to school is Pip.  On her first day, when we left her in her classroom, it was Pippin who started bawling on the sidewalk in front of the school, crying "I miss my Awwdweee".  Friday was rough on him too, particularly at nap time.  He desperately wanted Ginny to come give him hugs and smooches before he went down to sleep. 

One other highlight of this weekend... the Roughriders finally won a game!  Woohoo!  An 0 and 9 record was getting a little tough to swallow.  Hopefully this means bigger and better things for our Roughies!

Ok, onto the chit chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading - I just finished "The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion" by Fannie Flagg (of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café fame).  It was really good, about a little piece of WWII history that I didn't know.  The first couple of chapters were a bit confusing, but once I got into it, I really loved it.  And an interesting main character, who finds out when she's 59 (or is she 60?) that she was adopted, and the fall out of her quest to find her birth mother.  Sweet and funny.  Tonight I'm starting a pot-boiler romance, "The Art of Sinning" by Sabrina Jeffries.  I really do enjoy the occasional bodice-ripper. 

Watching - Nothing.  Sportscenter is on, but I'm not really paying attention.  I am, however, looking forward to many of my regular shows coming back soon.  Oh, and if you live in Canada, you really should check out "Still Standing" on the CBC.  It's Jonny Harris (he plays Constable Crabtree on Murdoch Mysteries, but he's also a great stand-up comic).  The show is Jonny traveling to small, struggling towns across the country, and learning what makes them unique.  It sounds a bit dull with how I've described it, but it really is terribly funny and very cool how he works all the local folks he meets into his stand-up routine. 

Listening to - My Beloved is snoring on the other end of the couch. 

Cooking/Baking - Tonight was a full on fall supper.  Pork roast (done with steak spice, thyme, and a bit of cinnamon), mashed taters & gravy, roasted acorn squash, broccoli, and Yorkshire puddings.  Yum!  It was so good, and perfect for a day like today.  We also had apple pie (a frozen one I found in the freezer) for dessert.  On Friday, to distract Pip a bit from his missing-Ginny-funk, we baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Adding to my To Do List - I MUST make optometrist appointments for the wee-lings!  I MUST!  And I'm colouring my hair tomorrow.  I'm sick of the grey. 

Thinking About - That I hope I can sleep past 5am tomorrow.  My internal clock wakes me up at 5 almost every morning.  It would be nice to sleep in a bit. 

Thankful For - My church family.  They really do care about us, about the wee-lings, and always lend a hand in wrangling my kids' stuff that ends up everywhere during the service.  Today there was some good-natured ribbing going on with the families who usually sit near us, as they are Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans (the long time rivals of the Roughriders). 


  1. We are having another helping of summer around here, and I am tired of it. Temperatures are getting up to over 100 F this week. I was ready for fall. And rain. Well, we have barely had rain in 4 years, so for us, it's long overdue! My kids just started kindergarten, too, and I accidentally signed up to volunteer in their classroom on Thursdays. It was really interesting to see what they do, even though I'm there for only an hour or so. We also got a general schedule of what they do at our back-to-school night, so that was cool as well.

  2. Love this! The pictures are so cute and they look so proud! Thankfully the weather has been nicer this weekend!!


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