Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat: A Week Of the Impromtu

Hey Humble Readers...

I think you may have caught on to this fact, but I'm a very planned-out kind of person.  That doesn't mean that I'm opposed to spontaneity, just that I prefer things to go as I expected.  This week was full of changes in plans, mostly good, some not-so-good.  It meant that I was juggling a lot of my to dos, and many didn't get done. 

The Good

My friend Sira is moving soon, and she needed some help with packing, so I went over one evening this past week.  We managed to pack a good number of boxes, and got to chat and hang out in the process. 

And it was Sira's birthday on Friday, so she, our friend JJ (so named in bloggy land because she reminds me of JJ from Criminal Minds), and I went out for dinner and to a movie.  The pub we went to for dinner was new to me, and the food was fan-freakin-tastic.  I had a spectacular burger, but the fries stole the show... fresh cut, dressed with truffle oil and topped with fresh parmesan cheese.  This place has 8 or 9 different kinds of poutine!  Yum! 

When I got home from being out with the girls, my Beloved told me that his mom had called and wanted some wee-ling time.  So we got an unplanned date night.  We went a did a little browsing for Christmas gifts for the wee-lings (I wanted my Beloved's opinion on what I was leaning toward), went to the bookstore for a while, and then went for dinner (to the same pub where the girls and I had gone the night before...Yay!), and then to a movie.  Two movies for me in one weekend.  Crazy.

My MIL asked us to come down to Little Town To The South for the afternoon today, so after church and a not-so-healthy lunch (yes, that was my third meal out in three days... not good), we packed up the wee-lings and hit the road.  We got to hang out with MIL, her new 'friend' (he seems nice... her first date in more than 57 years), and a couple of my Beloved's brothers and their wives.  We ate (waaaaay too early), played cards, and bemoaned the Roughriders' four game losing streak. 

The Bad

Pip has had a rough week with teething.  I know I really don't get to gripe about sleep issues, because both of the wee-lings have been exceptional sleepers, but twice this week he woke up after midnight screaming, and not wanting to settle for more than an hour.  And his screaming wakes Ginny too, since they share a room.  The lack of sleep, and general fussiness and grumpiness of all of us has contributed to a lack of desire to do much of anything productive this week. 

I haven't had any motivation to go walking at all for far too long.  It's so dark, and so absurdly cold in the mornings (I normally don't turn on the furnace until well into October, but all week I've been contemplating it.  Definitely below freezing overnight.)  Of course I've gained back a couple of pounds.  I did, however join a gym, and am going for my first session with a trainer tomorrow night.  I got a pretty good deal on the membership, so I guess that counts as a win. 

I've been slacking off on my diligence on my carb balance too, so that begets the ugly cycle... blood sugars rise from too many carbs >>> higher blood sugars make me feel sluggish and dopey >>> feeling dopey makes me not want to be active and crave more carbs >>> more carbs means higher sugars... and on and on and on.  I must get back on track!  My sugars haven't been terribly high, but I can feel the difference in my energy level.  And, I have been struggling with the unpleasant side-effects of taking iron supplements (the opposite of my usual IBS battle), feeling generally icky.  But the kicker is, my iron was still too low to donate blood yesterday.  Grrr.  I missed the cut off by five points. 

And lastly, because of the impromptu time away from home this weekend, we are just now doing laundry.  *sigh*
Ginny with her grey 'glansent'. 
It rotates from being a cloak, to a tent,
to a toga, to a hiding place.

Ok, enough whining.  On to this week's chit chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I was re-reading it a month ago, but it got interrupted by a couple of time sensitive books.  I'm just now getting back to it.  Up next is Painted Girls, and after that Ender's Game. 

Watching... Nothing in particular.  Recorded another day worth of Doctor Who episodes today (thank you Space channel), which I will eventually get around to watching.  Beloved is watching You Gotta Eat Here (the Canadian version of Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives). 

Listening to... the washing machine do its thing. 

Cooking/Baking... Nothing for the last few days.  I did make a new recipe this week, Chicken Club Enchiladas and it was yummy.  Needed more cheese though.  Tomorrow night is my Lazy Sausage Casserole... lots and lots of roasted veggies (fennel, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and green pepper), with a balsamic vinaigrette and topped with slow roasted Italian sausage.  Yum!

Happy I Accomplished This Week... I'm proud of myself for making a big pot of veggie soup on Monday to use for my lunches all week.  It was yummy, cost effective, and generally healthy. 

Looking Forward To Next Week... Getting started at the gym.  Taking the wee-lings to the Fall Festival at a local farm and pumpkin patch.  And right now the forecast is for good weather.  Yay!

Thankful For... Extended family.  Laughter. 

***Bonus Question***  What's the largest sum of money you've ever found? Nothing substantial.  I think maybe a $20 in the pocket of my winter coat, from the year before. 

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  1. I'm also planning to join a gym! Hopefully this week. I still don't know if that will be enough motivation to start working out again. My jogging has been making my hip hurt, so I'm hoping maybe doing a spinning class instead will be easier on my poor joints.

  2. I finally got back to running this week after 2 months off. Got 2.6 miles in. This morning I used our rarely used home weight machine. It's so hard to stay motivated!!
    The most I have found in the street was $40. My little nephew found $300 cash at an airport in Mexico. They gave it to their church (at least that's their story!).

  3. Exercise motivation is really hard to come by! I have to mix it up to keep from getting bored. Right now I'm doing circuit training DVDs and they are great because you do the moves just for 30 second or so and then move to something else. Great for short attention spans and when you're done you feel like you just started (well attention wise, not so much for the muscles LOL).

  4. You'll love Ender's Game! Make sure you read it before you see the movie!


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