Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer With Ginny: Lost in Translation

Hey Humble Readers...
It's been quite a while since I've done an update on my wee sweet girl, so I thought I'd let you know what she's up to these days. 
I'm a fishy!
First and foremost, she is genuinely a happy girl.  Of course she has her moments of outright two-ness, but she is always looking for opportunities to laugh and giggle. 
I jump Mummy?
Ginny is a very helpful little girl.  She can put her breakfast and lunch dishes in the dishwasher, pick up her toys ("pick up, put away!"), and put things in the recycling.  She tries to make her bed, but doesn't quite have the arm length to make that work.  She helps put the laundry in the washer, and she likes to help me sort her laundry from Pippin's.  Ginny likes to help in the kitchen, and her favourite is to help me make meatballs. 
She is still a little OCD about certain things.  The baby gate must ALWAYS be closed.  Her shoes go into a very specific cubby on our shoe rack.  If Ginny was using the orange bib last night, she MUST use it again in the morning. 
Very first ride at the fair.
While her vocabulary is immense and sometimes surprising, there have been some funny Ginny-isms that have become part of our family dialogue.  For example, she has two different terms for blankets... "glansents" or "cozy ket".  For several weeks back in the spring, whenever we would get into the car she would say "go wurmit?"  We had no idea what she was saying until one day she saw a WalM.art commercial on tv and started saying "go wurmit!" over and over.  "Payto" is interchangeably both potato and tomato, depending on what's on her plate.  My Beloved's briefcase is known as the "soup-case". 
First ride all by herself
Ginny will get stuck on a phrase, and it will dominate her conversations for weeks at a time.  "Happy Bir-day" was really popular for quite a while.  Over and over again she would wish us all a happy birthday, and would want us to go through when all of our birthdays are.  She knows that her birthday (end of November) is in the winter when the snow is on the ground, that Pippin's is in the spring with the flowers, and that my Beloved and I have birthdays coming up in a few weeks.  One thing that she got very excited about was when she was able to say "Happy Bir-day liddle prince!" last month.  She said it over and over for several days. 
The BIIIIIIIG slide!
While recently, she's become attached to the word "sorry" (like a good Canadian girl) and says it repeatedly even in situations that are absolutely no way her fault, one phrase that was particularly frustrating was "It's ok.  Ax-dents happen."  She would say it constantly all day long, usually when she did something deliberately naughty (like throwing her plate on the floor, or pushing Pip over).  Thankfully we're past that phrase, at least for the time being. 
Ridin' the horsey!
She's 36.5 inches tall (just barely tall enough to go on the baby rides at the fair), she weighs right around 30 pounds, and is finally almost done with her teething.  Just one more molar to go!  We are in one of the rare sweet spots with her growth where her pants fit, both in length and around her waist.  Usually it's one or the other.  She can put her shoes on by herself (except for her lace-up shoes), and can manage to get her shirt on by herself most of the time, although it takes some time. 
Sharing goldfish crackers with Pip
She's pretty good about using her manners.  She says "please" and "thank you" fairly regularly, "bless you" whenever someone sneezes, "excuse me" when she "floofs". 
At a clown show
Ginny really and truly loves her little brother, sometimes to his detriment.  She can make him laugh like no one else, and at the same time she can make him scream in frustration.  She's much more comfortable with the idea that he's allowed to walk around, but the idea of sharing toys is still in process. 
Snoozing in the car with Stanley & Red Kitty
While naptime and bedtime is a breeze, mealtimes are a challenge.  Meals can easily take an hour from the time we sit down until she gets up from the table.  She's resistant to using cutlery, even though she does know how.  I think she gets bored with the whole eating process, as she will stop eating on her own a few bites in, but if we cave and spoon feed her she'll eat everything on her plate.  The exception to the rule is ice cream (of course).  Other than sweets, her favourite foods are all veggies... "kee-cumbers", "paytos", "bwoccli".
Readin' stories with Auntie P
Ginny can be shy with strangers, but she will quickly start telling you all about Stanley and Red Kitty (who are an important part of her world), and about her scraped knees if you let her.  She loves the slide at the park, but hates the swings.  She loves to "go shoppin'" and to look at "pit-churs on the puter".  Her favourite tv show is Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood, and her favourite book is "Chicka chicka Boom Boom".  She often asks me to sing the "meatball song" ( On Top Of Spaghetti). 
My little Honey-Bear
There are times when she makes me want to tear my hair out, but then she just looks up at me with her big hazel eyes and I just melt.  I can't even begin to think about what our life was like before she was here. 


  1. She so sweet! I love this age, isn't it fun? So far I'm finding that it's true that 3 is harder than 2, but also funnier and in some ways sweeter. I really like the "accidents happen" phrase, although I can understand why you don't. Turtle occasionally says "La vita e' cosi'", which roughly translates to "that's life." Haha. Oh, and the not wanting to share toys thing, I suspect, will go on for a long, long, LONG time.

  2. So adorable!!! I love all the pictures! She looks so happy!

  3. So fun! She is a doll. So cute! My 2 year old also really loves Daniel Tiger. And I want to know how they got permission to use all of Mr. Rogers' ideas/songs on there... I mean is it a family thing? Or did the station retain intellectual rights? I know it's none of my business, but I can't help but wonder. I guess I'm trying to have adult conversation in my head, alone with kids, watching cartoons. LOL.


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