Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kick In The Butt Required

Hey Humble Readers... 

Okay, I need some external motivation. I obviously am not doing well at motivating myself. 

August has been an almost complete write off exercise-wise.  The prolonged crud, and then shoe issues prevented me from my usual walks. 

I 100% acknowledge that I could have been doing workout videos in the house once I was finally healthy again, but I chose to use the lack of walking footwear as an excuse.  I went out on the weekend and bought myself new shoes, and I have gone for walks, albeit shorter than before (only 4.7km) the last two days, but have not done my post-walk workout (squats and weights). 

And you guessed it, I have an excuse. 

The new shoes are, well, new.  The need to be broken in.  Hence I got a blister on my baby toe yesterday.  Not unusual.  I got up this morning at 5 and slapped a Band-Aid on my blister and headed out for my walk. 

Again, I only made it four laps of the neighbourhood because of pain in my baby toe.  I got home, stretched and that was it.  I discovered that somehow, the Band-Aid that I wore this morning had managed, in co-operation with my new shoes, to create a blood blister on the tip of my toe. 

Ask me how motivated I am to go for my walk tomorrow morning.  I dare you. 

Please, can someone give me a pep talk?  I need a serious kick in my still-substantial posterior to get myself back in gear. 


  1. Give the shoes to the kiddos to break in. ;)

    Sorry. I know that's not helpful. Try to remember how much better you felt when you were walking and losing weight and imagine how much better you feel as you lose more.

    You can do it!

  2. Don't stop now!! Look at how much you have dropped and how much better you feel. Don't you want to keep going?! Get healthy for your families sake?
    Sorry, that last one was a guilt push. Ugh.
    Just DO IT!

  3. Hi from ICWL!!! I hope that you can break in the shoes quickly since that would def deter me from exercising

  4. Okay, here's my 2 cents. You are inspiring and fabulous and doing SUCH an amazing job!!! Don't get discouraged over small set backs. If you need to take a couple days off for mental health, then do it and get back on track. Be nice to yourself. When you start up again in new shoes, take it slowly so that you don't end up injured and depressed. If you start to get blisters, then slow down the break in of the shoes. Do a small walk, and then your squats and such, then maybe do another slow walk a few hours later... or not. You don't have to stay at the exact same number of km to be successful, just keep going and you'll make it. Doesn't matter how fast, as long as you're moving forward. *hugs* You're doing GREAT!!!

  5. What you've accomplished in the past little bit has been amazing. I am SO proud of you! I know that you'll overcome this little funky episode and continue on to achieve your goal. You can do it!

    For blisters I usually use Band Aid brand Advanced Healing Blister band aids. They. Are. AMAZING! They are more pricey than regular old band aids but they are so worth it!


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