Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ICLW: A Hobbit-ish Alphabet

Howdy Humble Readers & ICLW Visitors...

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  It's been quite a while since I've participated in ICLW, so I thought I'd go old school and let you in on some randomness about me and my family. 

A - Age... 38, soon to be 39.

B - Books... I have a lot of books!  Three Billy bookcases from Ikea full.  That doesn't include my cookbooks, or the bookcase full of books in the nursery.  Former occupational hazard, as I worked in bookstores for more than ten years.  I have to go through them regularly to purge them.  My recently read list can be found on "The Library" tab at the top of this page.

C - Car... we only have one.  Tilly the Toyota.  She's a good car, and gets us from point A to point B efficiently and comfortably.  Always a mess, and if we have the stroller in the trunk I can't bring home groceries.

D - The Big D... yup, I'm type II diabetic.  Started as gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Ginny.  And then again when I was expecting Pip.  Just before Pip's first birthday I was diagnosed with the Big D, and have been working my weight (check out the tickers on the right) and keeping my blood sugars in line. 

E - Eats... One can't be a hobbit without loving food.  Hence the Big D, right?  I love cooking, trying new recipes, and experiencing new foods.  Life with the Big D is just a different foodie adventure.

F - Family... mine is all sorts of screwed up.  Check out the "Cast of Characters" tab up top to learn more about my truly bizarre, needs a diagram to understand who's who family. 

G - The girls... friends I don't get to hang out with often enough.  But when we do get together, we can talk the hind leg off a mule

H - Husband... my Beloved!  My wonderful ent, who keeps me grounded.  Tall, methodical, logical (aggravatingly so at times), and not easily frazzled, he balances my flighty and irrational tendencies well. 

I - Infertility diagnosis... Recurrent pregnancy loss,  due to a progesterone deficiency and a slightly septate uterus.  Thankfully, I had a wonderful OB as I was navigating the rough waters of RPL.  After our second early loss, he jumped right in with the testing we needed to find out what was going on.  You can see our journey to parenthood on "The Quest" tab up top. 

J - Jeans... none of mine fit.  Again.  They're all too big.  If I leave the house I have to wear a belt, which I strongly dislike.  No new clothes in the budget for a couple of months. 

K - Klutzy... that's me.  I'm known for my ability to hurt myself in the safest of situations.  If I can get a papercut, sprain an ankle, or fall down the stairs, you can bet I'm going to do it.  Currently I'm dealing with a three-day kink in my neck.  Only someone as klutzy as me could go to sleep and wake up injured. 

L - the Library... feeding my new addiction to tv shows that I just can't get through our current cable package.  Shows like Sherlock, Rome, and Game of Thrones (11th on the wait list... getting closer to watching season 2!)

M - Music... I have rather random tastes in music. Currently on my phone I have... Country (Dean Brody, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert), rock (Avril Lavigne), Atlantic Canadian folk (Great Big Sea, Irish Decendants, the Rankins), pop (Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, and of course my beloved boy bands), and novelty stuff (Moxie Fruvus, Captain Tractor).

N - Not a green thumb... I am notorious for my ability to kill plants.  Remarkably I have been able to keep two basil plants, a planter full of thyme, a gerbera daisy, and even a recovering lavender plant alive all summer.  My quandary now is what to do with these plants once the frosts come. 

O - Online... where my Beloved and I met.  Matched on eH.armony seven and a half years ago.  Signing up for their matchmaking service was the best money I ever spent.

P - Pinterest... yes, I'm an addict. 

Q - Quinoa... a staple in my diet these days.  Yeah, I know.  But really how many words do you expect me to think of that start with Q?

R - Roasted Veggies... My new favourite food.  I'm not kidding.  I could eat roasted broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, zucchini all day long.  If I can drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle on a little salt and pepper, I lurve it!!!

S - The Shire... the little city I call home.  On the Canadian flatland, just east of the mountains I love.

T - Tomorrow... something fun and different here at he hobbit hole.  Come back and check it out!

U - Uniquely Useful... my favourite kitchen gadget is my Rachael Ray food mover.  It's a bench scraper with sides attached so that I can scoop up chopped veggies, etc and dump them into a pot easily.  I swear I use it every day.

V - Vacation... A  mini one anyway.  Coming up soon!  Yay!  Just me and my Beloved in the Big City To The South over Labour Day weekend.  My MIL is coming to look after the wee-lings.  This will be our first jaunt without the wee-lings.  I'm looking forward to this so much.  (That sounds absolutely horrible... I really do adore my children.  Honest!)  Four days of good restaurants, fun shopping, and adventures with my Beloved. 

W - Wee-lings... Our wee sweet girl, Ginny, is two and a half (33 months actually) going on fifteen.  Pippin is our wee little man, currently 15 months old, and still not talking at all.  (I'm trying not to be concerned.)

X - Xtra Xcited... (another stretch, I know) I'm looking forward to doing some pseudo-homeschooling with Ginny starting this fall.  We aren't going to be too terribly structured, but I'm planning an hour or so a day to get her exploring new ideas and concepts.  Sometimes it will be letters/numbers oriented, sometimes it will be more about motor skills, and sometimes it will be artistic/creative.  Should be fun. 

Y - Yikes!  Your friendly neighbourhood hobbit is terrified of birds.  Anything with feathers and anything that flies. 

Z - Zero tolerance... for loud chewers.  Dang it, close your mouth when you chew, people!  LOL

So, tell me... what's something random about you?  Pick a letter and spill the beans!


  1. G is for Glasses: I've worn glasses since 5th grade and love it. People always ask me if I'm getting Lasik, but I never would. I love how my face looks with glasses. I just got a new pair (after two years) and they are very trendy. I'm not sure I'm in love with them, but I'm trying to stay positive.

  2. D-doctors
    where my babies really come from... our neighbors think we just really enjoy having sex LMAO ;)

  3. Just to reply to your comment about the kids' room not being big enough for twin beds - have you seen the Kura bed at IKEA? Look it up - and look up the many hacks people have done. People have even made it into a low bunk bed. It saves space because you can store stuff underneath. It's what I was planning to do before the beds we got came up for grabs (my brother was planning on keeping them but at the last minute, his wife didn't want them), and I had lots of ideas for making them super cute and using the area underneath for storage and play space. Maybe it still won't work at your place, but it's just a thought!

  4. And for a letter - B for bicycle! I used to commute everywhere by bike, but stopped after we went to Italy last winter and had hand surgery and then helped my mom move, etc., etc. and can't seem to get started again. I'm looking into getting a cargo bike that the kids would ride on the back of, since my trailer is getting a bit small for them ...

  5. Love this! How fun! :)

    For my letter ...... M - for mountains and my monster. I'm
    Currently on holidays enjoying our trip in the mountains but also missing M. :)

  6. I couldn't agree more with Z- so disgusting! And enjoy that vacation- it doesn't sound horrible that you can't wait for a couple of days away from the kids- I love my daughter, and appreciate my time with her even more when hubby and I get away for a night!

    Hmmmm... lets see... N is for neat freak. I got up this morning, ran 8-ish km, and rather than eating breakfast when I got home, I started cleaning. I just can't handle clutter! I enjoyed my breakfast an hour later, in a nice, tidy living room!

  7. I love Great Big Sea and Moxie Fruvus! My best friend in college was originally from Canada, so she introduced me to MF; GBS came about via my Weird Al Pandora station (who knew, right?).

    S: Softball. Mr Realist and I are on a coed softball team this fall (6 weeks, 2 games every Sunday). He was complaining that he wanted to play, so we found a team. Now, let's see if he can keep up with the rest of us! :D

  8. Hi from ICLW!
    Very nice and creative compilation of yourself:)
    T - tall. I am 5'8 with a long neck. People always think I am taller than I actually am.


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