Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey Humble Readers...

Your friendly neighbourhood hobbit is a puddle tonight.  It is seriously hot on the flatland.  And getting hotter. 

When I got up this morning to go for a walk it was already 18C (felt like 24C according to the humidex).  At 5am.  A week ago that was our daytime high. 

The hobbit-hole faces full west, so of course we get the full brunt of the sun.  This is a great in the middle of winter, but during our brief heat-waves it's pretty much unbearable. 

We have two fans going in the living room and dining room, and one in each of the bedrooms.  Thankfully, the wee-lings' nursery is the only room that doesn't face west, so it's not quite as hot as everywhere else.  The coolest spot in our condo is in the hallway, where the thermostat is.  Right now it reads 30C.  That's about 86F. 

Our current outdoor temp is 32C, and feels like 41C (106F) with the humidity.  It's gone up two degrees in the last hour.  And it's after 8pm. 

The wee-lings and I spent the day not moving a whole lot, drinking a lot of water, and spraying ourselves with water (something the wee-lings found particularly amusing).  I just took another shower to try to cool off, but it hasn't helped. 

I know that our temps are nothing compared to what some of you experience south of here, but for those of us not acclimatized to this sort of heat it's crazy-making. 

Thankfully, starting tomorrow it's going to cool off a bit, get a little bit more bearable.  I don't want rain, but I don't want this either. 

How do you all stay cool in the summer heat?


  1. It's hot for us too! In actually think it got up to 42 here With the humidity later today. Crazy! We stay cool by relishing in our A/C!

  2. It is crazy - at one point here in the big city to the North, it felt like 43 with the humidex (it was 33). Anything in the 30s is just too warm for this northern AB girl.

    Definitely cooler today.

    Happy Canada Day (belated) !!


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