Monday, July 29, 2013

Coming Up For Air

Hey Humble Readers...

Well, that was a loss of two weeks. 

First, we were just busy.  Westerner Days and Parade with the wee-lings, and Ginny's first ever class-type program (Mom & Tot Gymnastics), and a quick visit from my sister and her family. 

Then we all got sick.  Well, as much as my Beloved ever gets sick (a few sniffles and a frog in his throat), anyway.  The rest of us have been sneezing, snarfling, and coughing for days and days.  Ginny is on the mend, but Pippin and I are still suffering.  You know, I can handle a lot of the whole bodily fluid thing, but snot and drool about do me in.  And dealing with it when I'm barely holding it together is beyond challenging.  Motherhood is grand!  (and yes, I know this is what I longed for!)

Well, I need to lay down again.  Thank heaven for nap time (Ginny) and play pens (Pip). 

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer!


  1. I hope you're all healthy soon!

  2. How is Ginny liking the gymnastics class? Ruby just had her last class tonight. She LOVED it and ran around like a little nut every session. It's been great for a quick bedtime :)

    I hope you are all feeling better soon!

  3. Boooo! Hope you feel better soon.
    Your post title made me think of this song:

  4. Feel better. If we lived closer I'd offer a trade: you handle the body fluid messes for my kid and I'll handle the snotty messes for yours :)

  5. I agree- motherhood is hard, even when so longed for/worked for. Hope you all feel better asap~


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