Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Not According to Plan

Good Evening Humble Readers...
Just a little giggle for you all tonight!
So yeah, I don't think I'll be hitting that 50lb mark any time soon.  This weekend has been an exercise in randomness and changes in plans.  It just goes to show that I still have a long way to go to be confident in my decision making skills when it comes to food and moments of weakness. 

Friday night was junk food, as was lunch today, and then this afternoon we got a call from one of my aunts (not the one I saw earlier this week... one of my "adoptive" aunts).  She and my uncle, and my grandparents were in the Shire for the day and did we want to get together for dinner.  Well, of course, so that meant more restaurant food... *sigh*.  At least I got a salad with my dinner.  But it was very good to see them all.  The last time we saw this aunt and uncle was a year ago (when their son was in the same lacrosse tournament here in town), so it was fun to catch up. 

A small victory this morning... Ginny managed to make it through the majority of the church service before she got too disruptive.  Normally, she hits the breaking point around the time the sermon starts, and one of us would have to take her to the nursery/playroom for the rest of the service.  Today when we got to church I made a big deal about saying that big girls stay in the service until after communion (3/4 of the way through the service).  There were a few moments when I thought we'd have to cave, but she made it.  There was lots of shushing (from me) and lots of distracting (me and one of her 'church aunties'), but it's a step. 

On to this week's Chit-Chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading - Just finished the Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak last night.  I really enjoyed it.  Great historical drama.  My only complaint was that there were a lot of Russian words used (for foods, ranks, and other odds and ends) but no definition or glossary.  Now I'm reading The Art Of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein.  Started it this morning.

Watching - Probably going to watch Food Network Star.  I'm planning on an early night tonight.  I have been up late too many nights this past week reading.  I need a good night's sleep.

Listening to - Ginny trying to feed my Beloved some of her play food (a lemon to be precise) and Pippin playing with the see & say farm. 

Cooking/Baking - Obviously, I haven't done much cooking this weekend.  The meal I had planned for tonight has been bumped to tomorrow.  Creamy curry chicken crepes and garden salads.  I'm excited because I've never made crepes before, so hopefully they turn out well.

Happy I Accomplished This Week - Not sure.  Nothing major happened this week. 

Looking Forward To Next Week - Putting some thought and action behind some new goals.  Getting back on track after the last couple of days. 

Thankful For This Week - For better or worse, I'm thankful for my extended family.  No matter who they are as people... good, bad, or indifferent... they've all had a hand in shaping who I am as a woman, a wife, and a mother.  From some I have learned what I want to do and be, and from others I've learned what I DON'T want to do or be. 

***Bonus Question*** When you're out and about and a homeless person asks you for money, do you give it?  Honestly, no.  It's a bit of a default, whenever anyone asks me for money.  People who are panhandling, cashiers who ask for me to donate to their company's pet cause, and those selling raffle tickets/chocolates/cookies all get the same answer, "I'm sorry, no." 

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  1. As some one who is also struggling with weighty issues and food choices, give yourself a break. There will be days when you slip up. It's human not to. It's impossible to go cold turkey on everything. You've made some a amazing changes and you've made the decision to be healthier, those are huge accomplishments. You're getting there, and slowly but surely is the best way to do things, at least that's my motto :)

  2. Okay, for what it's worth, here's my opinion on eating healthy... you can't do it all the time. LOL. When I feel like I "can't" eat something, then I eventually have a nervous breakdown and binge eat it until I want to die. ;) If I let myself have the occasional treat, the occasional "off" day (or two), then I can stay true the rest of the time without the inevitable day (or three) of pure unadulterated gluttony. Just sayin, you're doing great! Just say "I took a break" and keep moving forward. :)

  3. No to beggars. If you can hit the street to beg, you can pick up a broom and the rest of us!
    You are doing a great job on your diet!! Don't get discouraged and don't throw in the towel......keep calm and carry on!

  4. Don't beat yourself up over a few small slipups on your diet. Dieting is so hard and, believe it or not, allowing yourself those small moments of weakness will probably benefit you in the long run by not feeling as though you're deprived. Glad things are going well for you otherwise. I'm checking in with folks cos I haven't blogged in forever!! Glad to see the family is doing good :)


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