Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Oy Vey!

Howdy Humble Readers!

I hope you're all doing well.  I'm sorry that it's been a few days since my last post, but it's been a rough few days.  

First off, AF decided to be a real biotch and give me grief throughout the entirety of her visit.  It knocked the stuffing out of me for most of last week.

And then Beauregard, my oh-so-pathetic laptop, succumbed to yet another attack from the internet ickies.  Right now it's completely useless.  We are in the process of finding a decent tech to take a look at the wretched thing.  I refuse to be without my computer for another month.  And for the record, I will never buy a Dell computer again.  EVER.  The thing is a piece of crap.  Sadly, it has to do for me for the next few years.  One sad thing about having to use the desktop (which is challenging at the best of times) is that I will have to go without posting any pics for a while.  Or at least any new pics, as I cannot upload any new ones to picasa on this computer. 

If dealing with AF and an infected computer weren't enough, Pippin decided that this weekend would be a great time to experience sleep regression.  It's right on time, of course.  He passed his eight month milestone just last week (yes I did intend to do a post.  For excuses, see above).  For the last few nights he's been getting progressively more and more difficult to settle.  Last night, he slept a grand total of 4 and a half hours, and not all in a row.  He's never been a big napper, so it's been an exhausting few days.  Add in teething and a growth spurt... fun times!  

Anywho... on to the chit chat

What Am I...

Reading - Still reading The Secret Keeper.  It's such a good book, and I think I have figured out the mystery, but whenever I think that, I usually end up waaaaay wrong.  I picked up a few new-to-me books from the thrift store yesterday, and I'm looking forward to having some new titles to read.

Watching - A documentary on the building of Buckingham Palace and Downton Abbey.  Intrigued to see what will become of Lady Edith and her man.  

Listening to - My Beloved as he wrangles Ginny to begin her bedtime routine.

Cooking/Baking - Dinner tonight was lemon roasted chicken with mashed taters, mixed vegetables, yorkies and gravy.  Typical Sunday night fare, but oh so yummy.

Happy you accomplished this week - did the Jeopardy online test (never felt so stupid in my whole life), went thrift store shopping (bought myself those books I mentioned, a couple of Scrabble games to use for crafting, and an embroidery hoop to use in a project for the nursery)

Looking Forward to Next Week - Christmas gift exchange with a couple of my girlfriends (was too busy before Christmas to get together).  Making chili on Tuesday!

Bonus Question: What is your favourite board game?  That's a tough one.  I love Scrabble, because I can usually do pretty well at it.  I used to like Monopoly, but my Beloved plays cut throat so I've lost interest in that one.  Best for a laugh is Things In A Box.  Seriously, it can get a little out of control but it is the most hilarious game to play with a group of 4 or 5 people, particularly after a glass of wine. 

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  1. OUch....what a week. I hope this next week is easier! I'm sorry to hear about your computer! That's too bad! Big hugs headed your way!!

    Oh, hey, random you have a microwave?

  2. I had a piece of crap Dell too. I replaced the mother board three times. Of course the 4th and final time the mother board went out it was 2 weeks after my warranty was up. They wouldn't replace it even though there was obviously something going on. I was so mad! So like you, never again!

    I'm sorry Pip isn't sleeping well. I hope he gets back into a regular routine soon!

    Downton Abby...poor Edith....sigh.

  3. Boo to AF! What a biotch! I thought of you because I was getting some cramps today and wondered if I'm finally going to be getting AF soon? I hope not! Are you feeling better? How's mr. pip feeling! Poor gaffer! I really feel for those monsters when they are teething etc. not fun! And that's such BS about your laptop! How annoying. That would really frustrate me!


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