Saturday, November 17, 2012

Update on Ginny (The episode in which the hobbit mummy sounds a bit nutso, but really isn't)

Hey Humble Readers...

Thanks so much for your input on what's up with our wee sweet girl.  I appreciate it all so much. 

We discovered a new wrinkle this morning, which I think has led me to a possible answer to the questions. 

She woke up this morning with a rash over her neck and shoulders.  It's now spread down her trunk.  Little red spots.  Flat, not raised.  Not itchy, and non-responsive to benadryl, which to me indicated to me that it's not an allergic reaction (and with Ginny's history of allergic skin reactions, that's saying something). 

So I did some looking around online (reputable sites only) and I think I've figured it out. 

Have any of you ever encountered roseola

I found it in Dr. Sears' listing of the most common rashes children get.  Caused by a virus, starts with a fever that lasts for a few days, followed by a rash when the fever is gone (timeline is specific to this particular virus).  Can be accompanied by respiratory and/or tummy issues.  The rash can last a few days to a couple of weeks, but once the fever is gone, there's no real worries. 

Ginny has been having some odd-for-her BMs... she's nothing if not regular, but right now her timing is way off.  Plus, they have just been 'different'... colour, etc.  But no change in frequency. 

I'm ruling out an ear infection for now, because we were just at the doc for well-baby appointments for both wee-lings on Thursday (before her lack of eating raised a red flag and long before the rash showed up).  I mentioned the come-and-go fever and her occasional lethargy, so he did a thorough check of her ears, nose, and throat.  Other than the symptoms of a bit of a cold, all was good.  I will keep watching for signs, but I don't think that's the case. 

And if she's not showing any improvement by Monday, then it's off the doc we go. 

Her appetite has improved slightly.  She ate most of her breakfast (applesauce and yoghurt, but no cereal), and about half her grilled cheese sandwich at lunch.  She didn't want a snack this morning, but she's still drinking well.  We're just planning on continuing to make foods available to her (although I did say no to a request for candy this morning) and not making a fuss. 

Thank you again everyone.  I really appreciate your input! 

(Be back later this evening with the first in my Developing Traditions series)


  1. I only remember roseola from the chart up on the wall of my school nurses office... from the many times I was in there pretending to be sick to see if I could go home and sluff school. LOL. I hope she improves quickly! But I think you have the right idea for sure! :) Dr. Google to the rescue again... Seriously, what did mothers do before the internet?

  2. My son had it. I remember it was pretty much like you described. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but then the rash popped up and freaked me out! Luckily once the rash pops up the other symptoms abate.

  3. I'm pretty sure I had it in high mom thought it was chicken pox again...I hope Ginny feels better soon!!!


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