Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just A Note

Hey Humble Readers...

Today I was fully planning on writing Pippin's 6 month post.  It is his un-birthday after all, and it was a pretty momentous day as he started solid food (very eagerly). 

But, it ended up being a busy day...

- Making a big breakfast for the family (something I've started doing most Saturdays)

- Grocery shopping with the whole family (because it always takes me forever to get used to driving in winter conditions.)  There's a reason why I like doing the shopping by myself.  Yikes!

- Making a big batch of oven roasted marinara. 

- Making paella for dinner

- Moving two of our bookcases (something I had been putting off ever since we bought our new couch the week before Pip was born).  Of course this involved taking all the books off said bookcases, unbolting them from the wall, shifting them the needed four inches, fighting with the screws and brackets, putting more holes in my walls, and then reloading all the books back onto the shelves.  All so we could have a side table on either end of our couch.  *sigh*  At least it's done. 

- Framing a portrait of Pip. 

All in all, a bit busier than I anticipated and sadly the post about Pip had to be bumped to another day. 

What did you get done today?


  1. My parents arrive this afternoon, so the morning was a flurry of cleaning and getting things ready for them. Cadet woke at 6 am, which meant an early nap for him. Then, McRuger went grocery shopping while I waited for my parents.

    This evening we had a big family meal at a local restaurant with an aunt and uncle and some cousins. It was nice.

  2. Very busy indeed....happy 6 month birthday Pip...I can't believe he's 6 months already!

  3. We went to see Wreck-it Ralph and it was amazing (included 4 year old cheering even).

  4. Inspiring!
    Today, went to a 3 year old's birthday party. Shopped at our local coop. cleared a shelf of albums, to make space for acorn's toys and puzzles(previously stacked haphazardly on windowsill)


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