Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Crud Has Landed

Hey Humble Readers...

I was fully intending to do my "Pippin @ 4 Months" post today.  But instead, I have spent the day nursing an ugly head cold and sore throat. 

I confess that I'm a total wuss when I'm sick, and I know that mummies are supposed to be all selfless and be able to push through to take care of their families... but let's just say that the bare minimum is all that's getting done around the hobbit hole today.  And when Ginny decided during her morning nap that today was a good day for finger painting with the contents of her diaper... I cried. 

My Beloved even ended up cooking dinner for us tonight. 

I'll be back when I'm not so whine-y.


  1. Oh, sweetie! So, so sorry you're sick today =( That really sucks. I honestly think your family will forgive you for doing the bare minimum. At least that minimum is getting done!

    Oh, and as for Ginny's "creative" efforts, I'll just say that I was horrified a few weeks ago while using the restroom at a restaurant The Hubs and I had eaten at to discover that someone who'd been there before me must have taken the same art class as Ginny. And they didn't have the excuse of being a baby. They had even gleefully written "Poo!" on the wall. Sadly, what disturbed me the most was the exclamation mark at the end of it! *Shudder*

  2. OH I hope you feel better soon....sending healthy thoughts your way!

  3. Poor Mrs. G! Hope you're feeling better very, very soon. And sweet Ginny, give your Mama a break, okay sweetie??

  4. Hey, the bare minimum IS what mothers do when they're being selfless and sick. Seriously. Did all of you survive? Then you're a success! :) Sorry about the poocaso situation. I don't know what the deal is with poo paints, but I hope my daughter skips that phase altogether, I had enough with my son! He is the reasons we own a carpet cleaner. :) Hope you feel better soon! Get some sleep if you can.

  5. Feel better soon! I think I would have cried at the finger painting even I was feeling spectacular!

  6. Are you feeling better?? Here's to hoping!

  7. Ugh, poor you! :( My hubby has been fighting the crud for about two weeks now. He just can't seem to get rid of his lingering cough. And I'm totally whiney when I'm sick too. So go ahead. Whine to your heart's content!


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