Monday, September 3, 2012

Memorable Moment Monday & Opinions Needed

Hey Humble Readers...

I hope that your Labour Day (if it's Labour Day wherever you're at) is shaping up to be a nice one.  Ours has been pretty good so far, as we have been able to get a few thing accomplished that have been nagging on me. 
Sorting Ginny's clothes
I was able to go through both Ginny & Pip's wardrobes to pack away things that no longer fit or are no longer seasonal while my Beloved took Ginny to the park.  Pippin is pretty well set for clothes for the next six months, and all I need to get for Ginny is a couple of pairs of jeans and one or two sets of pjs. 
Pip's first nap in the crib
Soon it will be time to move our wee little mister from the cradle in our room, into his crib in the nursery.  I'm hoping that the transition will go smoothly for both he and Ginny.  The nursery is small, so we don't have much room to work with in terms of layout and I confess I'm a bit concerned about having the cribs side by side.  We'll see how it goes.

(Posted as part of PAIL Bloggers' Memorable Moment bloghop.)

Ok... anyone know much about computer viruses?

I have known that Beauregard (yes, my puter has a name) has been suffering with a virus for some time now.  Back in the spring, I went for a couple of days between the end of my free trial of McAfee that came with this computer when we got it and when we were able to load some new software, and I'm pretty sure that's when it hit.  I know it's got some elements of a redirect virus (I've had one of those before) along with pop-ups (some of which are nasty).  Particularly irksome is the fact that the anti-virus software I have doesn't recognize that there's a virus on my computer. 

Anyway, today the sound has just stopped working on my computer.  Headphones don't work, speakers don't work.  Is it possible for a virus to mess with the sound? 

I don't use sound a lot, but Ginny watches youtube clips of Sesame Street on this computer and Elmo without his voice just doesn't cut it. 

I know I need to take Beauregard to the computer doctor, and the thought of that actually makes me kind of sick to my stomach because of the cost.  But I don't want to let this go any longer and cause more problems.  Ugh... and just the idea of being without my computer for a week is icky!


  1. I love that picture of Pippin...

    You reminded me that it is time to go through W's clothes soon. M has his school clothes ready--he starts Thursday.

  2. These awesome people helped me for FREE! (No affiliation with me.)

  3. Oh no! I am no help in the virus department but I sure hope the other suggestions help as Elmo without a voice sounds frightening.

  4. Oh! Putting clothes away is such bittersweet sorrow! Pip's bedding is SO adorable - I want it for myself.

    Wish I had some computer advice for you, but I am completely useless at that stuff. I hope Beau feels better soon! :)

  5. Cute photos! Good luck moving Pip to the crib!

    I have no computer advice. *sigh*

  6. I can't part with Lil K's clothes yet - even though I know she's our only one!!! Everything is just so small and cute :(

    Pip looks adorable sleeping like that!!

  7. I am CONSTANTLY going through clothes, so the girls' room always looks like that. Sigh.

    Pip looks like he's doing pretty well in that stylin' crib!


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