Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Patriotic Hobbit

Hey Humble Readers!

Happy Canada Day! 

The Great White North is celebrating 145 years of being a sovereign nation, and I'm so proud to be a Canadian. 

We are known to be a quirky bunch up here.  I know that I'm no exception.

Yes, I say 'eh', and no, most Americans don't use it in the right context, even when they're mocking us.  No, I don't say 'aboot', I say about.  Some Canadians do have funny accents (but hey, have you ever talked to someone from Maine?  Their accent is just as funny!), and we tend to laugh at ourselves a little bit easier than other countries... in my experience anyway. 

Answers to other rather ridiculous questions that I have gotten over the years about my beautiful country...
  • No, we don't live in igloos.
  • Yes, we do have indoor plumbing and electricity. 
  • Yes, it gets hot here.  It can easily break 100F in July and August.
  • No, our national bird is not the mosquito.
  • No, polar bears and moose don't wander down the streets of our cities and towns on a regular basis.  At least, not in most towns.
  • Yes, we have a standing army and navy.  They have played key roles in almost all international conflicts that have taken place over the last 145 years. 
  • Yes, we get summer.  And the only place you can ski in July is on a glacier on top of a mountain.  But you'll likely need a helicopter to get there. 
  • Yes, our money is colourful.  We like it that way.  (And it in no way resembles Monopoly money)
  • Yes we tend to say 'sorry' a lot.  We're a polite bunch, mostly.  Except for when someone refers to our country as cute, adorable, or quaint.  Then we get cranky.
And as a nation we most certainly love our beer.  Personally, I'm not a big beer drinker.  I prefer wine or coolers, but I do know a good beer when I taste it, and most brands of Canadian beer are far better than any of the mainstream American beers.  (Kokanee is the exception that proves the rule... blech!) 

The guys in this video have come up with a way to show their patriotism along with their love for beer. 

I give you 'The Canadian National Canthem'!  Enjoy!


  1. LOL. I'm originally from Wyoming and I run into a lot of the same questions. And yes, we have electricity and indoor plumbing. :) But I DO wish that Wyoming had as awesome of a movie as Strange Brew to represent it. :) Ha!

  2. Happy Canada Day to you...

    You know what...those questions are really ridiculous! Zeesh on having to answer such questions...

  3. Happy belated Canada Day! Glad you had a nice day. Your post made me laugh. :)


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