Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pippin @ 1 Month

Hey Humble Readers...
Beautifu Boy!
 It is a well-understood truth that in the midst of chaos there is beauty to be found.  And in the midst of the chaos that is swirling around my extended family just now, I am happy to take some time and celebrate the fact that our wee little mister has been with us for a full month. 
Ginny & Pippin
 I know that I should be used to this by now... time just flies!  How has it been a month already???
This was his most common position when he was brand new,
 hand covering his face.
 Pippin has grown so much!  He's almost outgrown most of his newborn clothes already.  It's difficult to accept that some of the sleepers that I have saved from Ginny's babyhood have now been used by our little man and he's done with them already.  Of course, his 0-3 month wardrobe is still pretty big on him.  And don't get me started on the 6 month clothes in his dresser.
Oh man, that big sister of mine is getting close!
 He's super strong already.  When he's laying on my chest, he can lift his head and look all around.  And when he's doing tummy-time on the floor he can pick up his head for several seconds and look around. 
Tummy-time today
 Pip's finally gotten his days and nights reoriented.  He sleeps in two hour stretches during the day, and three to four hour stretches at night.  He has given me a couple of five hour nights, but I'm not expecting that to be the norm anytime soon. 
Itty-bitty toes
 His eyelashes are starting to come in, and I think he's going to have brown eyes like his daddy.
I'm watchin' you Mummy!
 As I mentioned last week, Pip is still having issues with staying awake while he eats, particularly when I use our tommee tippee bottles.  Perhaps they're too much like the breast?  Even with his laziness, he still manages to take in quite a bit of food. 
Little snuggle bunny
He's stingy with burps, but man oh man can this kid fart!  It's like a machine gun.  Pippin's fussiest time of day is still in the late afternoon and evening, but really he is a very content little guy.  He's started to enjoy his bath, but hates being taken out of the water. 
Hanging out on the floor with Daddy
 He's starting to be awake for longer stretches at a time, and he's beginning to 'uncurl' his arms and legs.  Sometimes when he's sleeping during the day (when he's not swaddled) he'll stretch his arms over his head like he's saying "I'm the champ!".
First time doing tummy-time
Like all babies, he loves staring at faces... something that Ginny finds fascinating.  And like all babies, he doesn't blink a lot, and he doesn't have the 'blink button' that Ginny had (when I wanted her to blink, I would tap my finger between her eyebrows).  Also, like Ginny, Pip has a lot of dry skin.  I'm hoping it doesn't develop into eczema like it did for our wee girl. 
Big beautiful eyes

Life with our little mister is an adventure every day, and I'm loving every second of it!

Nonsequitor of the day:  Watching the musical 'Rent' on network television in the middle of the afternoon is actually kind of hilarious.  So much was cut due to content that, if it was your first time watching it, you wouldn't be able to follow the story.  It also really messed with me singing along... hello!  La Vie Boehme?  I think they cut half the song!  LOL


  1. Firstly..could your babies be any more gorgeous & adorable?! I just want to squeeze their cheeks!!
    Secondly, I think Pip looks so much like Ginny!! Seriously. They are definitely related.
    I'm just so happy for you Mrs. G, you have a beautiful family & you deserve it so much!!

  2. Oh man is he gorgeous...they both are. Seriously, my baby lust has just kicked into overdrive. As for that outgrown baby clothing, at the end of a year, have it made into a quilt.

  3. He's adorable. Thanks for documenting his progress.

  4. How gorgeous! He is just perfect, Mama! :)

  5. *sigh* Such a cute baby!!! And I can't believe it's been a month!!! I hear yah about growing out of clothes too quickly. My sister has a daughter that's about a year ahead of my girl, and we get all her hand me downs, which is good and bad. Good cause they're free, but bad because I don't have my sister's taste in clothes but I feel wasteful to spend money on new clothes when I already have clothes here that fit. Hmmmm. And may I just say how nice it is to read the word "nonsequitor" on a blog? LOL. And used correctly!!! I could kiss you. And yeah, why even bother showing Rent if you're just going to edit the crap out of it? "And the cow jumped over the MOOOOOOOON!" :)

  6. He looks so much Ginevra! Congrats on your 1 month mark, Pip! You are a handsome little boy.

    You take care, Mrs. Gamgee.

  7. He's adorable. And he looks so much like Ginny!

    Edited for content RENT? That would be pretty amusing. I need to watch that again. It's been a while and my judgement was clouded by the fact that I am such a huge fan of the original broadway case. I didn't care much for Rosario Dawson's portrayal of Mimi....

  8. Holy Batman you have pretty babies! I love that pic of Ginny looking like "what? I'm just helpin'..." :) Also? Am so jealous of the hair.


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