Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Good Evening Humble Readers...

Thank you so much for your good thoughts, kind words, and for sharing in our joy!  (And a huge thank you to Kristin for taking the time to bring our good news to all of you.
Our wee little family
Tonight's post will be short.  I'll give you details in the days to come.

Pippin and I are home, with my Beloved and Ginny.  Our time in the hospital wasn't easy, but mercifully short, given where it started.  Thankfully, I am healing on a good pace, and I think being at home will speed that along. 

Pippin & Ginny at home.

Pip spent almost 48 hours in the NICU, due to extremely low blood sugars.  There was some concern about his heart (irreguluar heartbeat) and muscle tone as well, although those were minor and corrected themselves once his blood sugars were better. 

He was released from the NICU yesterday, and even though he has a bit of a tongue tie, he is a champion nurser!  And, I'm actually producing a fair amount of colostrum/milk.  It's early days, but I'm hopeful.

We had a minor set-back late yesterday, when Pip developed jaundice.  They were concerned enough to do a billirubin test this morning, and it came back in the safe zone, so we were given the all clear to come home.
Pippin, looking a little orange.

Ginny is adjusting.  She's not sure what to make of this new little person in our world.  But she's curious, and that's a good sign for right now. 

We're taking everything, one moment at a time. 

Life is good.


  1. Congratulations! He's beautiful!

  2. So happy for you and your family! Glad everything is going well. Remember to be good to yourself as you heal (not easy with a toddler, but still). :)

  3. So glad to hear that you're home and all is well. :)He is just gorgeous!! Congrats, again, and continued success to you on the Bfing. Continued prayers for you all!

    PS...PJ had jaundice issues, too. We had to sit in the sun (in the house, by a window) with her for a while each day to help. I didn't think it was that bad at the time (I had on my new mommy 'goggles' ;p) but looking back, she looked a little like an Oompa-Loompa (Willie Wonka, anyone?)! :D It all worked out in no time, though...Pippin will, too! :)

  4. SQUEEEEEEE!!! He is amazing! I'm so happy for you Mama!!! Hope the healing goes well and that his jaundice goes away quickly. Like everyone says, sunlight helps... but also pooping helps a TON! So if he's starting to get scary jaundice, maybe give him a little formula feeding to fill his bowels and make him poop... his biliruben (sp?) levels will come right back down after a good poo. LOL. Sorry for all the poo talk, but it works. ;) Good luck with the BFing! Hoping your milk comes in fast and strong!

  5. I am glad to hear that you are hopeful about nursing, and I hope that continues.

    He is so cute (even being a little orange).

  6. Congrats! He is so adorable. I hope the jaundice gets better.

  7. He's beautiful! Congratulations to you and your little family, how wonderful to all be home together. Good luck with nursing!

  8. So glad the family is reunited and at home. Congratulations!!

  9. Catching up! What a beautiful boy! Congrats, Mama!

  10. He is a beauty! Even when he was a little orange ;-)

    So happy for your family!!

  11. How are things?? Love the pics and pippen is super cute! Hope you're all settling in and getting some much needed sleep! How's it going with two??

  12. This is what happens when I go away for the weekend...I miss all of the big news! Congrats!!!! And I *love* the nickname Pippin. :-D

  13. I'm so glad everything is going well with the new baby! He's adorable!

  14. Glad to hear that you're home :)

  15. here from LFCA.
    Congratulations!! Hope all goes well as you adjust to being a family of 4.


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