Friday, May 18, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Firsts, Questions, & Tidbits

Hey Humble Readers,

I know I owe many of you comments and emails, and I am hoping to get back into a rhythm soon.  Please know that I am thinking of you all and am so appreciative of your support and kindness. 

Being a mummy to a little boy is different.  We had our first "fountain" incident yesterday, when the little man decided to pee all over himself and his daddy. 

Question:  To circumcise or not to circumcise?  We are leaning toward not, much to my mom's disapproval.  We don't have a religious reason to do so, and in looking at info available there doesn't seem to be a significant health benefit.  We have to make a decision soon, so I'm looking for any and all opinions and input.  (I know that this can be an emotionally charged issue, so I'm just looking for general opinions... not diatribes.  Thanks!)

Pippin snores. 

I'm feeling more like myself on a daily basis.  The staples came out today, thank heaven, and I'm weaning myself off the painkillers.  Getting from a sitting position to standing is getting much easier, although actually laying down is still challenging.  I've lost 23 pounds in the last week (and I only gained 11 pounds total during the pregnancy), and the swelling almost completely gone from my feet.  I was able to put my rings on again this morning (YAY!).  I'm itchy all over, and patches of numbness are slowly coming back to life (including some parts that should never have that pins & needles feeling).

He's up past his birth weight as of this afternoon.  The nurse who came to remove my staples gave him a check over and he's officially 7lb 13.5oz.  He's also rolled over onto his side more than once (OMG!) and he's super strong.  He's trying to hold his head up already, and when he's awake it seems like he's always in motion. 

Question:  Does anyone have any tips for keeping a little one awake while they breastfeed?  Pip, due to the lingering jaundice, tends to fall asleep while eating.  When he stays awake, he does pretty well, but mostly he's asleep within five minutes.  I'm having to pump a lot right now, and of course we're supplementing as well.

We had our first round of jealousy/sibling rivalry yesterday.  Ginny has been intrigued by the baby's bottles and wanting to play with them.  I have had to repeatedly tell her no, and have had to discipline her a couple of times for not listening.  Yesterday, I guess I had said no one too many times, and she snapped.  She grabbed one of the bottles and chucked it into his bassinette.  Thankfully, it didn't hit him too hard, but my Beloved immediately took her and put her to bed for a while.  She's been good today, but I know she's confused and frustrated. 

We had our first little outing yesterday, going to show Pippin off at my Beloved's office.  The ladies all oohed and ahhed appropriately.  As did the ladies over at the little grocery store across our back lane.  We have visitors coming tomorrow, and I'm excited to show him off.  He's getting his first really big 'debut' on Sunday at church. 


  1. Hahahah! Those "fountains" last for a while! I can't count the number of times I've been peed on! Starting at around 6 months, they got more under control!

    As for circumcision, it's really a personal decision. We had Cadet circumcised, but could have easily not done it. It's really what you feel comfortable with. There is some anecdotal evidence that it can help prevent the spread of STIs and HIV. Talk to your pediatrician to see if he/she has any advice.

    Amazingly, I have some personal experience with keeping a baby awake while breastfeeding. One of my good friends had a son who would never stay awake during a feed. Literally we had to pump his arm up and down (like a chicken) to keep him awake during his first few weeks. So, you can try that. When Cadet used to fall asleep at the bottle, we'd run a cool washcloth over his forehead or feet to keep him awake, which worked pretty well.

    Sounds like your family is doing well! I am so happy for you all!! Big hugs!

  2. We're leaning towards not circumcising as well. In the area we live, not doing it is becoming more common. My family was concerned when we told them, but they admittingly didn't know a lot about it. I say do the research, and make your own decision. One point that a friend brought up is make sure your Beloved is comfortable with explaining why his is different than Pippin's. I'm really leaving the final decision to my DH. I feel bad making such a big decision about his manhood when I obviously lack that perspective :P

  3. LOL to the fountain! Hooray for the staples out and weight loss. Icky about the bottle throwing, sibling jealousy is hard. :(

    As for circumcision, I guess I have strong feelings about it because my dad had strong feelings about it, and drilled it into us all our lives. His parents did NOT circumcise him, and he hated it SO much (from all the yeast and other infections that plagued him constantly, even though he was very "clean" and did all the "right" things) that he actually had it done when he was an adult. I know it's a very personal decision, and I respect everyone's choice, but just know that there are definitely medical reasons, aside from any social stigma or religious preferences. Will they outweigh it for you personally? I don't know, but there you are... my 2 cents, maybe 25 cents. :)

    I had no luck keeping babies awake for feedins. In fact, more often than not, they'd put me to sleep when feeding. LOL. Sleeping babies on your body are better than sleeping pills! But it sounds like he's getting enough anyway! Already past birthweight? That's awesome!!!

  4. So glad you're starting to feel better and that your staples are out. :)

    Sorry no advice here on circumcision, or on keeping Pip awake during feeding time.


  5. Congrats!

    Glad to hear you are recovering well!

    I'm no expert by any means as M is only 2 months, but I remember the first week or two she was so sleepy I was constantly feeding as she fell asleep so quickly. The only things that worked for us was: feeding while undressed as the cool air kept her a bit more awake, a coolish washcloth run over her legs and feet, rubbing her head and talking to her constantly. Thankfully he'll be more awake/alert soon, but it sounds like he's gain weight so it might not be too big of a concern if you just try to feed often....

  6. So glad to hear that things are going well!! I have to tell you..our little girl (!!) has managed a few fountains in her time..It's so hilarious. My hubby just stared at her wide-eyed after she did to him, I told him "just wait til we have a boy."

    So glad you are recovering well & the swelling has gone down, the weight is coming off in droves, and the staples have come out.

    In regards to circumcision, we are also leaving the deciions up to DH. He was not circumcised, nor was his father, so he has never known anything different. We've talked about it, and he had to issues in school, and he has never had any health issues. We probably won't do it, but DH gets the final call since I don't have any idea from that perspective. It's also becoming more & more common here in the US.

    We had the same issues w/feeding since Miss E was so early, all she wanted to do was sleep. We tried 100 different things. What seemed to work was to have a low light on & the tv on just low enough that it made noise in the room. She has never been a baby that has slept in complete silence. If she seemed super drowsy, we would undress her or change her diaper, or play with her hair, which seemed to make her a little disgruntled, but definitely woke her up.

    Okay, I've babbled enough. I'm so happy for you Mrs. G!! Sounds like life is pretty grand!!

  7. I just love hearing your new baby updates! :)

    So sorry to hear about the jealousy. I know it's normal and that we'll have to contend with it, too, but I feel terribly unprepared for that part of parenting just now. I know that you and Ginny will get it all figured out, Mama. I say give lots of hugs and as much 'Ginny' time as you can manage in the meantime.

    Same sleeping baby while nursing issues happened here, too. Undressing her, diaper changes between sides and cool cloths helped some but she mostly had to outgrow it.

    Glad to hear you're all doing so well. Great news about the staples (and the weight...woo-hoo!) and Pippin's birth weight. You guys are rock stars!!Hugs! :D

  8. Congratulations on your new little guy! He is so beautiful! I haven't said congrats earlier b/c I am usually browsing with a big toddler sleeping on my lap.

    We did not circ our son and couldn't be happier with the decision. We have had no issues at all with him being uncut. If you do decide to leave him whole make sure no one tries to pull the foreskin back. That's what causes problems. It is not ready to pull back for several years. Also, I personally wouldn't tell anyone who doesn't do diaper changes. It is totally none of their business. If they get upset, ask them why they are obsessed with your son's penis.

    Everyone told us we would regret not getting our son circ'd (this was before I was smart enough to not answer their questions), but I haven't at all. In fact, most of the boys in our crowd are not circ'd.

  9. I agree with the majority of your commenters on circumcision. If my husband had been strongly for it, I might have possibly reconsidered, but we are both against it. We have no religious or social reasons to do it, and I felt that it is an irreversible decision about which one should have a really darn good reason to do. As far as I know (and I don't really know), it can always be done at a later time, even if it is more difficult at that point.

    Thanks for the update, it's great to hear you're all settling in well, despite the jealousy on the part of big sis!

  10. I'm very familiar with the fountain effect.

    Try tickling his feet or arm while he nurses...just enough to keep him awake.

    SO glad to hear everything is going well.

  11. Yay for an update! I totally get you on the not updating or commenting. I'm there!! Wow back up to birth weight already, good work! Lol about the fountain, we haven't had that to that extent, just a mini one perhaps?! Try keeping him awake by undressing him or blowing on him and talking to him. These helped me.
    Hope Ginny feels less jealous soon, give her some time to come around. I think it's a bug change for everyone!
    As for circumsion we were totally going to do it and then when he was born we decided not to. We had so many other issues going on with his tongue tie, bfing, him losing weight, etc that we decided not to. We had no religious reason not to and I believe the majority of ppl are not getting it done now. Except at my school, lol! And then it all sounded very daunting after we listened to the dr's whole spiel about it when we thought we were in the tongue tie room! Ha!

  12. So lovely to hear all about Pippin and the rest of your family. He sounds like such a star already! My tip on keeping baby awake whilst feeding (the one we were given by the midwives whilst in hospital) was to undress the baby a bit, even blow on him a bit to keep him from getting too warm and sleepy.

  13. We did not circ our son, even though circ is very popular here in the Midwest US, and DH is not circed. Our son is 4 and has never noticed a difference. No issues with it ever. I saw a circ in nursing school and decided I could never do that to my son.

  14. Congratulations on your new little boy, he is beautiful. Well done and welcome to world Pippin. x

  15. If Ruby had been a boy we would not have circumcised. I decided this after I watched a video of the procedure and the poor guy was screaming his poor little head off. I don't think I could've handled it!
    My midwife said that you could try taking a wet washcloth and rubbing it on their head if they fell asleep during feelings. Sounds strange, right? Unfortunately I don't recall whether or not it worked with Ruby.
    Glad to hear you're feeling more like yourself!

  16. I've read studies that circumcising can reduce risks of transmitting/catching HIV and STIs and can also reduce the risk of penile cancer. You also avoid needing to clean under the foreskin (since it's gone ;-)) and obviously it eliminates the risk of phimosis and paraphimosis. Other than that it's really up to you.

    If you decide to do one then just make sure that they use some kind of numbing cream so he won't feel it. They might suggest using tylenol to help with the pain for a day or so, but I remember my son was fine as soon as he was put back into my arms and didn't need any tylenol. I've watched a Jewish circumcision and it was very quick and seemed easy. You might ask a rabbi to do it. lol Good luck with your decision!


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