Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is For... Ginny

Good Evening Humble Readers...

Spring cleaning goes ever on and on here at the hobbit hole.  Being 33 weeks pregnant is definitely putting a crimp on how much I can do in a day.  We managed to do most of the kitchen, the hall and the laundry room.  Awaiting us tomorrow after church are the living room and the master bedroom.  After that there will just be a few little odds and ends (that wretched linen closet is still mocking me). 

Today's letter for the A to z Challenge is G... and I am feeling moved to discuss one of my favourite Harry Potter characters, Ginny Weasley.  As you can probably imagine, Ginny has long been a favourite.  So much so that I really did want my "Ginny's" real middle name to be Ginevra, but I gave in to my Beloved's desire to have a family name in that place instead. 

When I was first reading Harry Potter, I confess that I wasn't terribly impressed by Miss Weasley.  I thought she was a bit over the top in her shyness and inability to talk to Harry. 

But she grew on me. 

And then I started to like her.

I like how she stands up to her brothers and to Harry, and like Eowyn, doesn't listen to those who have 'her best interests' at heart.  And she doesn't whine or mope.  Bad stuff happens all around her, and yet she chooses to remain strong and defend that which is important to her.  I like her strength, and her faith.  She trusts that she will be with Harry, that there will be a time for them, even though she never actually says it.  There isn't any drama... just confidence.

Have you ever come across a character that initially didn't do much for you, only to have them become a favourite?


  1. Honestly, I can't say I've ever had that reaction to a character...but, it's interesting that you had such a dramatic turnaround in your opinion of Ginny.

  2. LOL. I LOVE Ginny! :) I've had the experience with real people, but I don't think I have with any fictional characters. Hmmm. Maybe Dobby. I HATED Dobby in the movies (which I saw first), but when I read the books, then I loved him. A bit different, but closest I can get to. :)

  3. I am hear from Mel's weekly roundup.

    When I first read "Of Mice and Men", I hated George. Even after I finished the book, I still hated George. It took a long time for me to come to love George. His actions were done out of friendship and love.

  4. Me's roundup sent me here. I can say, without hesitation, that Tyrion Lannister from the "Song of Fire and Ice" series, is one of those characters. I really didn't like him at first - really, really, really didn't. By the end of book 1, I started to like him. By book 2, I loved him. I've finished the latest book and...yeah, still love him.

    I'm sure there are other characters that I have felt that way about, but this is the first one that springs to mind.


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