Thursday, April 5, 2012

Die Winter Die!

Good Morning Humble Readers...

This is what we woke up to on the frozen flatland this morning.
I am so blankety-blank sick of winter it's not even funny. 
It's supposed to melt in the next couple of days... but dang it, this just puts me in a bad mood.


  1. Ugh!!! So sorry! I can't wait til summer!

  2. Ughhhhhh! Not that I'm trying to have a pissing contest or anything, lol, but I think we got even more! Happy spring! (and I thought I was having a spring baby, what was I thinking??) :)

    1. I was watching the news from your city this morning, and I'm pretty certain that you DID get more than us. I was actually thinking of you and hoping that you don't go into labour today...

  3. You're going to call me crazy, but I would die to have some snow or even just rain. Our winter has been so dry! Of course, it never really snows here, but still, a girl can dream!

    I'll send you warm, Spring I look out into glaring sunlight and not a cloud in sight!

  4. Now would probably not be the right time to mention the near 90 degree weather that we've had lately, would it?

    I won't say a word about it. ;)

    Hang in there!

  5. {{{Hugs}}}, like Kym, I won't mention our gorgeous weather. Hope you get your sunshine back soon.

  6. Oh no!! That really sucks :( That would definitely put me in a bad mood!

    Here's hoping it goes away soon!


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