Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ultrasound Report & Baby Names

Good Evening Humble Readers...

The ultrasound went okay today. 

I actually did alright with the amount of water I had to drink.  It's always delicate balancing act... enough water early enough so that the tech can do their job, but not so much so early that I'm in agony while they do the scan. 

Why in the world do they tell you to have finished drinking your water an hour before your appointment?  That's when I started drinking my water, and I had 8oz less than what they 'require', and I was still feeling my back teeth floating about halfway through the scan.

One funny moment... the technician asked me to go and empty my bladder 'by about half' because she was having some problems seeing the placenta.  I'm sure I looked at her like she had two heads.  By about half?!?!?  Who the hell can do that?  I can't do that on my best non-pregnant day.  When I gotta go, there ain't no stopping the flood waters.  As a result, I don't know if she was able to get a clear look at the placenta or not, so this may have been yet another 'inconclusive' scan. 


(As an aside, I was fully prepared for the tech to have to do an internal scan.  And as much as I dislike 'Wanda' I would rather that she have done that and get a conclusive answer about where the placenta is situated.  Oh well.)

We didn't get any new pics of the Halfling, and we didn't get to see much when the tech turned the screen our way (we saw the skull, the heart, the spine, one arm and one leg).  Even so, my mood did improve a bit after the scan was done.  I think it was just a relief to see him/her, and presumably all is well.  I'll be calling Dr. W's office on Friday to get the low down.  I expect, if the tech wasn't able to get the info she needed, that I'll be going back to the medical imaging center in another couple of weeks.

You may remember that I have had our children's names chosen for quite some time.  At least their first names.  I graciously let my Beloved choose the middle names (*snicker* as if I haven't vetoed some of his suggestions).  I have some pretty strict criteria for our kids' names...
  1. They will be gender specific.  (both my Beloved and I have gender abiguous names, and it has caused no ends of problems for both of us all our lives)
  2. They will not have bizarre spellings.  (I remember trying to find keychains and other personalized items as a kid and never being able to find things for girls with my name and spelling.)
  3. They will be old-fashioned sorts of names, not anything terribly trendy. (I was always one of at least three people in my elementary school with my name.  I hated being referred to by my last initial.  Even in my Beloved's family, they always add my middle name when referring to me, as I share my name with one of my BILs.)
  4. They will start with a vowel.  (Just a personal preference)
So, obviously, for those who are newer around the hobbit-hole, Ginny's real name isn't Ginny (if you go back to the post on November 27, 2010 you can find her name).  Our angel babies... Emily Hope and Olivia Noelle were named just before their names became super popular, but they had been in my heart for a long time. 

Why do I mention all this now? 

Well, we've had our names for this Halfling set in our minds for well over a year (the boy's name was actually chosen several years ago).  Earlier in this pregnancy, a rather big name celebrity used one of my chosen names.  Until then, I hadn't heard of anyone using that particular name in quite some time.  Now it's popping up on tv shows (character names).  I'm afraid that it's going to be a trendy name in the next couple of years.  On top of that, I just recently saw the list of last year's most popular names in Alberta... and our other name is now in the top 25. 

Okay, I know I'm being ridiculous.  I should just name this Halfling whatever I want, and not care about how many other kids have the same name.  But it bugs me just a bit. 

Yes, I know I'm neurotic.  Forgive me.


  1. So you had the name Blue Ivy picked out? J/k. I agree with you're name rules.

  2. LOL. So I'm guessing Liam. I love the name Liam. I'm with you on the name rules, except I don't mind having a vowel for the first name. We've also had our names picked out since before successfully having our first baby. Silas, from the Bible... though everyone thinks it's from that awful Tom Hanks movie where the albino priest is killing everyone... tell me, who would name their child after a homicidal massochistic albino monk? Sheesh. Emmeline after my grandmother. And still in the wings are Alida Rose (okay okay, but nobody remembers that song anymore, I love it and it's my other grandma's name), and Oliver Nolan. That's as far as we've gotten. Dreaming of 4 children seems a bit ambitious. If we reach it, we'll maybe think of more names for "just in case." LOL.

  3. I completely understand where you're coming from. I didn't want a name that was in the top 100! And even though I've already named her Ruby I would probably still be a little irked if all of the sudden her name got really popular :)

  4. I totally get where you are coming from. I have a name that is difficult for people to pronounce and spell. We will be picking a name, while not common, is much easier to pronounce.

    One of my colleagues just named his son Ethan. I love that name.

    Mr. Jem's favorite boy name is Jacob. Luckily we're not having a boy, or we'd be in a quandary, as it's the #1 boy name in America right now.

  5. Did they post the 2011 names yet?? I assume you're talking about the service Alberta site? If you're not and have a different source, let me know! :) I'm all for snooping for a few more names for fun I think you just need to go ahead and stick with the names you like and not care about the celebs. If I'm not going to care about vampires, you can't care about celebs! Hehe. Plus, the names are lovely! ;) and you know I like your criteria. People may think we are too strict, but I'm all for guidelines. Anyways, those are my two cents! (or more..... Lol!)

  6. I agree about names. My name is gender-specific, but it was super-trendy at the time I was born and I always had another Stacey in every class with me. In high school, one of my closest friends was named Stacey, as was the sister of another close friend, so when our families got together, there were three of us. I HATED it. Now my daughter's name seems to be getting popular (I have only anecdotal proof, but I know two other sets of twins in which one has the same name, plus a few singletons), and I'm a little nervous. But she's named after my husband's grandfather, who died when my husband was a teenager, so I don't care too much. Also, we gave her the English version, so at least it will be almost nonexistent in Italy.

  7. It was high school where I ended up being one of 4 or 5 Karen's in my class. I seem to remember a science class with 3 of them and it was a pain.

    My husband and I picked out our names on one of our first dates - and then added back-ups and middle names when we first started TTC.

    Sydney Alecia or Kayleigh Anne for girls
    Breton Robert or Christopher James for boys

    I used to LOVE Aiden/Aidan for a boy - and then that along with all the rhyming names started to become super popular (Hayden, Jayden, Kaiden, Braidon).

    Names are hard.


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