Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March ICLW - If I Had A Gazillion Dollars

Good Morning Humble Readers... and ICLW Visitors...

The last day or so has been a bit stressful around the hobbit-hole.  First, we got a bill in the mail from the taxman yesterday.  After some colourful language and some digging, we discovered that one dollar amount got put in on the wrong line on my tax return from last year... **sigh** Presto, we owe the government $300.

Second, when I woke up this morning, I went to fire up my trusty little netbook, and sadly it had decided to give up the ghost sometime during the night.  It's old (for a netbook) and tired, and it's not really worth repairing again (thankfully nothing too tragic will be lost).  So, before breakfast, we had spent another chunk of money that we hadn't planned on to order me a new laptop.  It's just a basic Dell, but it will serve my purposes.  And keep us both sane as we DO NOT share a computer well.

Combine all that with the fact that it's been a while since I've done a fun little intro for ICLW (and if you are wondering what those letters mean, click on the groovy little green box in the column to the right.  Mel explains it best) and, I thought I would play one of my Mom's favourite games... "If I won the lottery" 

If I won a gazillion dollars in the lottery, I would...
  • set up an endowment/trust for our church
  • pay off our debts
  • buy us a new house (nothing too big... A 3-bedroom townhouse or half duplex with a finished basement and a big beautiful kitchen.  If money were really no object, I might go bigger, so long as we could hire a maid.)
  • set up college funds for both Ginny and the Halfling
  • buy us a second car
  • Take my parents and my MIL on a nice trip.  New Zealand, maybe?
  • Take this trip with my Beloved.
  • Take the children to Disney World (when they're bigger)
  • Hire a genealogist to help me track down my family tree
  • Possibly get bariatric and lasik surgery... maybe
  • Get my Beloved and I brand new groovy computers, cameras, and cell phones
What would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. Hmmmmmmm

    Set up a fund for full-tuition scholarship at my former nursing school

    Build our round house with geothermal heat

    Maid service twice a month!

    Buy Mr S his big truck with full size cab

    Quit my job and have a go at finishing my novel full time

  2. Hubs and I have shared a laptop since my Dell kicked the bucket. It hasn't been too bad, I don't need to be online as much as I am anyway!

    If I won the lottery I would:

    -pay off our debt (house, car, student loan) and my parent's debt.
    -pave my parent's loooong driveway and have heaters installed in it so my dad would never had to plow it again!
    -buy a house in the neighborhood in which we want to live (all house in this area are 300, 000+!)
    -take an amazingly awesome and long vacation. I'm also thinking New Zealand and Europe.
    -college fund for Rubes
    -Personal trainer and cook :)

    It's fun to dream!

  3. Love this. I'm going to do this on my blog later as my ICLW intro. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I have no idea what I'd do! My irthdaybis on Sunday and I can't even think of anything I want for that! I already feel so blessed with my little life. So are you going to see The Hunger Games on Friday!? CB wants to take me for my birthday but I'm worried it will be crazy busy!

  5. Visiting from ICLW!
    Hmm, I think I would move to the beach, quit our jobs, and do volunteer work for green causes like breastfeeding, sustainable food, environmental issues, cloth diapering, etc. Also, travel! Lots of travel!

  6. Ew, I'm sorry about the taxes! That is miserable!

    If I won the lottery I'd have to say I'd buy a house, go to Europe, and probably do IVF. Sigh, I'm so boring!

  7. So sorry the evil money-theft fairy has struck you! Btw, The Hubs and I don't share a computer well either...we each have our own laptop due to this problem.

    If I won the lotter, I'd buy us a lovely, new home. I'd get The Hubs a new car. I'd pay off all our debt. And then we'd definitely do an agency adoption (nothing against foster-adopt, but I know it's going to be so much harder with an older child and I'm really, really wary of fostering). I'd also take The Hubs home to see his family and pay off some bills for my mom and MIL.

    Dreams are fun aren't they?

  8. I would love to set up a school and arts center and maybe a parenting support centre too. I would buy a farmhouse in the countryside and fill it with kids, dogs and cats and I would buy Kitt a boat and he would run sailing and outdoor pursuit courses. I would also set all my family and friends up independently (but close by me). Oh, and go on holiday, a lot. Can you tell I have given this some thought.

  9. Wow. I'll have to click on the ICLW link and see what it is. But sorry you're having such a bummer week. And if I won the lottery... I'd pay off all my debt (mortgage, cars, and student loans), pay off all my mom's debts/mortgage, pay off all my husband's parent's debts/mortgage... possibly do the same for siblings. Buy a much nicer house with a wrap around porch and lots of charm. Pay for my sister's next adoption. And beyond that, it would depend on how much $ was left over. Save a lot of it for the future, donate a lot of it to worthy causes, etc. :)

  10. Hi from ICLW! Bummer about the taxes!

    If I won the lottery I would:
    Sell the house we own in another city for whatever we could sell it for.

    Set up a good college fund for bug, and a second for the kid I hope yet to have.

    Buy a house where I live now.

    Buy a new sailboat.

    Set up a fund to help couples that need IVF.

    Take a long European vacation.

    Sadly I'd probably work part time after a few months of being off lol.

  11. Fun question!

    Pay off our debts, Including the house and cars
    Set up college funds for the kids
    Pay off my extended families debts
    Set up a high-yeild account so I can take a month-long vacation every year. :-)

  12. Hi from ICLW! If I won the lottery I would do at least 1 IVF cycle, which I can't afford otherwise. I'd put some in savings, pay off the mortgage, and replace our old cars. I'd also donate to my favorite charities.

  13. Hi from ICLW! If I won the lottery after doing all the paying off debts and donating I would travel the world. That cruise looks awesome. Must add it to my lottery list as well. And I'd buy a boat.


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